Sunday, March 8, 2009

The morgue

Have you ever had a a room in your home that you just don't use to often? A room that becomes detached from the house sitting idle waiting to come to life.

We call ours the morgue. A back bedroom that seems colder than the Artic, darker than the night without moon and stars, almost as sterile as an operating room, and so quite that it seems to be removed from all sound. Last year I decided to give this room a makeover to give it better character. We use it for company so we ensure that the dogs and cat never have a chance to go in there and keep the door closed. I often laugh when I am cleaning and the dogs come to the doorway and peer in like they have never seen the inside before. They will just sit there, watch and look around-strange beasts. This room actually has no scent to it. It is really strange, no wafting of food, man, nor animal. I had taken out the comfortable queen sized bed (dummy me)and replaced it with a new twin to make the room spacious. I painted and put up new matching curtains and bedspread with subtle end stand table lighting. It looks nice, but I am telling you that bed is like sleeping on a slab, what a back breaker!

So between the cold and the slab you look like hell and death warmed over the next morning when you come out of that room. That is why we call it the morgue.


a corgi said...

love your description, Kelly; we had several morgues at our house in Montana; then when we moved to California I had to go from 3300 square feet to 1500 square feet so we downsized 2/3 of our things and now, happily, all rooms are alive and well and living happily with one another


Janie said...

Too funny! I have 2 rooms we do not go into. They get piled with stuff I bring in the house. :( I am in the process of cleaning them up now! What a job. Hope you have a great week. Janie

Lucy said...

Funny Kelly, We have no spare rooms. I call the basement the dungeon. Lucy