Friday, May 1, 2009

The Inevitable

We knew it was coming but just not how soon. They laid Lisa off last Friday and closed the Pennsylvania office. This week we took all the jobs that the weather allowed and worked until 9:30 one night with lights. The good thing is we knew it was coming so have tried to prepare, I have work lined up for the next month to keep us really busy.

For those people that think the economy is getting better I have news for you, it is not! I work in several different types of communities doing lawn care and landscaping only to find people at home laid off. Some of the most prized communities have stopped lawn services altogether. We both have been applying for jobs. I have applied at factories for night shift so I can work during the day. Lisa has applied for a job listed in the city as a Cat Scan Technologist on the p.m. shift. During this interview she had been told that 7 other people applied and that 3 lived out of state. One will relocate from Wisconsin if she gets the job. Now tell me the economy is getting better.

I myself am dumbfounded at how people are doing the interview process. I am educated, have vast supervisory experience, culinary degree, great references, and can't even get a job working a night shift in the TastyKake factory. I guess that is a good thing because I would get fat eating all that good stuff. Oh well I will just have to move on. I do want to mention that I have noticed all the banks still have companies come in to basic clean, wash windows, lawn care, and to carpet clean. I guess they can afford it with the bail out money. As I sit and listen to the car commercials announcing what they will give you, I find that once again they are copying and competing with each others market campaign. GM needs a new marketing campaign and strategy. What are they doing with the bailout money?

Maybe I should write to congress and ask for a loan to bail us out. Now that is really walking around with your head in the clouds.

I had an interview with a restaurant corporation and was so totally amazed at how over the top the district manager was. I actually called the corporate office and spoke to human resources. Mind you this is a salary position. The man actually had the nerve to say there could be some 100 hour weeks involved. Is this even possible? I laughed as his face remained serious. He then proceeded to tell me what a prick people thought he was and that he could be. Okay now I never have had an interview go this way. His concern was that I had my own business and that I would not invest all my energy into management of their business. He was a retired cop trying to tell me about my field. Come on with this is not what you know but who you know politics. Okay let's get it over with, let me slice my wrist right now and give you blood. After all that is what your looking for. I proceeded to call HR and give them the lowdown of why the position was still vacant and how I felt this interview went. Of course I did not want the job either. I also did the math for her which would put one that worked that many hours better off at a local convenience store. Are they crazy!

So now we are trudging along like many others after the inevitable.


mortonlake said...

im sorry kelly.its bad over here much misery,yet the fat cats get fatter,tc love mort xx

Lucy said...

My son has been hanging on with severance pay and working in his body shop and I hate to put it this way but, he was fortunate to have a huge hail storm run through Cortland so has managed to stay busy but now it is crunch time. He will draw unemployment starting next week. It is rough here to. By the way I do admire you and Lisa. You are a real go getter and sure not a quitter. Luck, Lucy

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope that something breaks for you both soon.

Janie said...

No it is not getting better and it will get worse as time goes on. Just common sense should tell us that. lol The problem is that so many people are laid off that they can choose anyone they want... which they could not have done that before now. Sure hope things get better. Prayers, Jane

Claudia's thoughts said...

I had an interview at a hospital in Philadelphia and the doctor actually said that it was an all male department and he wanted to keep it that way. He did not want woman calling off with menstrual cramps.....He offered me the job, but I would have been an idiot if I had taken.

I could have reported him, but it would have been my word against his. Found another job that same week, a few blocks from that hospital...