Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Sick of IT!

I have been busy working my tail off only to come home and hear on the news that things are getting better. Come on look around who are they trying to kid! The job market is not changing much, the car companies are still struggling, unemployment is high and people are out of work, homes are still being foreclosed on, gas prices are rising, and the banks are still trying to rip off the public.

I am really pissed about this. In one week I received two notices from credit card companies stating that they were going to raise their rates in June. Did we not give bail out money to the banks so they could in turn loan money to the public. I was furious over this. It is simply the principle of the matter that it is wrong. They want you to spend money to help the economy and once you do they want to make you pay extra for doing so. I say screw'em! I am paying off the one card and cancelling, then I will transfer the balance of the other to another bank. I do not intend to use anymore credit cards to purchase even a gallon of gas. This came after I looked at a bank statement and found a few small charges on my business checking account that is supposed to be free. Once I investigated it they were charges applied to my account by the bank just to include a copy of checks that were cashed. I never asked for this but was told that when one bank merged with another it was their policy, they had sent a letter. Not having that either. You want my account put that money back in it and keep that extra piece of paper that you are trying to charge me six dollars for. Then they were charging people a fee if they were on unemployment and were using a state debit card. Now that is just not right.

Cable bill came in and they raised that by two more dollars. This is the third time in one year. This stuff is what I call nickle and diming the public to make up for lost revenue. So now I cut back on our premium cable stations to just basic. I really believe we have entered a world of pure insanity. I remember when TV was free, when you only had one telephone and one car, life insurance was cheap, doctors made house calls, and you spent quality time instead of quantity time with your family.

Now newspapers are going out of business. Many read the paper online and pay a subscription fee. How many times has one newspaper been left at a diner or doctors office for not one but many people to read. I think the news went further. You can't compare sitting in front of a computer reading the days events to sitting in one of your favorite spots with something concrete in your hand that you can pass on to someone else and share. We are putting ourselves in the position of being ruled by those that create and possess the technology. Little by little it robs one of social skills and basic interaction with other human beings. Now we don't go to clubs, dances, church socials, or sporting events to meet someone, we just go online to look for love. By the way you have to pay for that too!

I am not a cheap person and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer, but one that just does not like being pushed or taken advantage of. The world has become to money oriented and I for one and Just Sick of It!

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Lucy said...

You know Kelly, you are not the only one that feels that way but ranting about it is not going to do you any good unless getting it down on paper stops that ulcer your frustration is creating. My son is still out of work and my grandson just may have been laid off by now. YOU HAVE GOT TO QUIT GIVING YOURSELF AN ULCER. It is tough but if Obama went around saying there is no hope can you imagine how things could go. Now I am going to say this in the hopes that you will see that things aren't as bad as they could be. You are still getting jobs, yes prices have gone up on everything but if you would just stop and think, there are people that are lucky to make minimum wage, or have a job. Try living on retired persons wages, and I promise you that you won't feel like you are so bad off. You my girl are headed for an ulcer and then you will be worse off than now. Kelly, no, prices are not going to drop I don't think. Be glad you have your health amnd Lisa's is controlable. Things will level, off and in the mean time for your sake, cool your jets girl!!! I am lecturing you cause I have lived so many more years than you and you have no idea how hard I have had it and no, I don't like it and didn't. I like you and that is why I feel I can say this to you cause I care about you and your health. Lucy