Thursday, May 14, 2009

winning ticket

Finally have some time to myself.
These are just some pictures of one of the jobs we did. I am too tired to mess with this computer to put things in order. What a weeding job this was. Actually we shoveled 2 yards of mulch out and 5 yards of mulch in, taking 1 yard of mulch to another location. What a back buster that can be.

So hopefully things will get back on course but I have learned a couple of things this year. No one is exempt from a recession and how to live with less. You get caught up in things and desires for stuff that you really don't need but just want. I am learning to shop better, save more, and enjoy what I have. I really don't miss much except for taking our big trip once a year. I have had a great deal of my friends wonder why I have chosen to do this type of work (really labor intensive). I must say that I enjoy hard work and sleep better with less on my mind. I like instant gratification in what I can do. Most of all there is no office Politics! Plus it helps keep me in shape and I get to meet more people in our community. I wish I had more equipment sometimes but wonder how other companies do it with the high cost of some of it. Most people pay anywhere from $5,500-$11,000 for a commercial mower and they will get two. Now that is alot of grass to cut to get that back plus labor, taxes, gas, license, and repairs. I bought mine used and they are still doing good knock on wood.

I did put flowers on my mothers grave for Mother's day than we went to Lisa mom's for a cookout and crabs. It turned out to be a nice day for everyone with really good weather. I miss going out and shopping for my mom. It used to be a challenge to come up with some cool ideals for the holidays and I always loved seeing the surprise on her face.

I put the dogs on a new food regimen about 3 months ago to help with the yeast in their ears. Golden retrievers are prone to this and it can be on going and unpleasant and itchy for them. After ear treatment and cleaning the vet recommended a new food which was an outrageous cost. More of a fish, potato, rice, fruit and vegetable blend of food. So being a chef I researched the ingredients and have been cooking their meals to add to a cut back portion of their dog food. Well let me tell you this has done wonders. Yeast has been gone, dogs have lost some weight, not as much waste in the yard, cheaper on the wallet, larger portions for the dog, and everyone is happy.

Well I missed the Kentucky Derby and didn't get to place a bet due to work. It is a good thing because I would have lost. Lisa however always plays the long shots. Next is the Preakness which I am looking forward to. I will be glued to the tv as they come out of the gate gripping onto what may be the winning ticket.


Lucy said...

Hi Kelly, as I read your blog I realized we are doing sort of the same. I put Spunky on hamburger and rice cause he is having allergy problems and then got sick on top of it, My diet works wonders for getting the stomach soothed but yours sounds like a good permanent one. At one time Spunky was on fish and potatoe prescribed by the vet and very expensive. What all do you use and how do you fix it? With Spunkys allergies that might be somethiung to try. Lucy

Janie said...

Wow! Sounds and looks like a lot of work!! Hmmm my dogs have been having itchy ears too. I am not a chef so I will not be cooking for my poor dogs. :( haha! Hope you have a blessed week. Just quick entries because still have 5 more to go on Memorial Day deco and graduation tonight. Birthday was Sunday. Wheee wish me luck. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

Thanks for the ingredients to a stew for dogs, not sure how it will work cause Spunky can smell a green bean, carrot, pea a mile away. I am goimng to try it first with a small batch. Lucy

Lucy said...

Guess what, he likes it, I had to blend the sweet poatoe and carrots and apple along with the chicken. Feeding small amount right now but he is doing a little better. To soon to tell yet. I started with the chicken and may stay pretty much with that. I even put in about 10 green beans!! Thanks Kelly