Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Find Waldo

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I opened our side door to take out the trash and was surprised to see six deer on the edge of the woods. Trying to be quiet I scrambled back in the house running upstairs to get my camera fearing they would be gone before I could get the picture. As I raced back outside I could still see them slowly making thier way into the woods. I thought I was going to get the greatest picture.

Trying to take the picture while some of them were running was impossible. Now this is where the old time camera worked better because you would be looking through the lens at the subject. Well hell I was trying to watch them and get them into view in the camera window while trying to zoom in. It was really like trying to find Waldo! Even after taking the pictures when you look at them it is like trying to find Waldo! Good Luck! I am curious if the pictures are actually enlarging for you when you click onto them. Please let me know .


Janie said...

Yes, they did enlarge. I saw a 2. Boy they sure do blend in with the trees. We see deer all the time but not around our place. They are usually in a tree line. Great photo, thanks for sharing. Janie

a corgi said...

they did enlarge! I saw one only; I think I need new glasses, LOL

what a neat sight though to see those 6 out by your place :)


Lucy said...

Hope you and Lisa are having a good day and get a little Christmas spirit.

Sheria said...

Yep, the pictures enlarged. I found two deer in the bottom photo and I saw one in the top photo but try as I might, even with my trifocals on, I couldn't find the deer in the middle photo. However, I had fun looking for them!