Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Year

Everyone usually has a special ball and this is one of ours. This has been in our family for about 55 years. It used to be my grandmothers which was passed onto my mother and then to me. I don't know the story behind the ball just what it represents. Every year my family will visit and see this one particluar ball and it just seems to flood them with Christmas memories. Now that is a treasure!

It's been a little crazy here and I have finally found time to do a post. Last night we took a drive to the Herr's Potato Chip Plant in Nottingham PA. It is just a short jaunt for us and they decorate the grounds for Christmas so that you can drive through and look at all the lights. We did take some pictures but you know me and technology. Most did not turn out. The plant is even open for day tours to show how they make their chips. Let me tell you it smells really good in that area when your driving by with the scent of fried potatoes in the air.

Now we have decorated our one tree outside three times with lights. We added extra and plugged it up and guess what. It lit up than bang half went out. So I go to the store and buy three more sets and put them on. I plugged it in then bam the bottom set went out. Yesterday I added the other set and so far this is what we have. I don't think I'll ever get a job setting up outside decorations and lighting.

I have taken a couple pictures of the tree we put up and our chrismas village. Abbey keeps trying to steal some of the people and a car underneath for some reason (crazy dog). The cat get's behind the village and sleeps. I laugh because it usually reminds me of that movie land of the giants. Still haven't finished my shopping and just started to wrap presents today. Time seems to be flying and before you know it we will be celebrating the New Year.


Lucy said...

Really cool pictures. I finally broke down and put a few decorations out. So many memories. Alan loved Christmas, ironic that he should die on the 21 of Dec. Tough time for me every year. But i GET THROUGH IT. Today Spunky drug out his toys while we were putting things out. Lucy

a corgi said...

oh my, I would have to go to that potato chip plant! that would be fun to do the tour; bet the lights were awesome!

what a sweet ornament ball! it looks great for being 55 years old! someone(s) have been taking really good care of it!

love your village; I bet its so cute with the cat sleeping there :)


Janie said...

Hi Kelly... don't faint!! hehe Been really busy! All the photos look great! Tree looks pretty, you must have taken it from upstairs. I was making a pair of horse ear-rings the other night, dropped one of the little bone horse harms on the floor. I heard a click-click sound.. looked and Shawnee was chewing on that little charm. lol I think it is true, they are made out of bone. She has never chewed up anything before. lol Are you little decorations made of bone or maybe smell like a rawhide?? lol Wishing you a blessed week. Janie

jean said...

Hi Kelly your decoration is so pretty I just love your village.
I have some pieces but don't have the space to put it out. Take care and hope you have a Merry Christmas. Jean

Lucy said...

All of my moms really old ornaments finally just crumbled. They were taken care of but my sister out them in the basement and even though wrapped, I think it eas to humid for them. Lucy

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Well now, we discovered Spunky was not ready for bed one night and we went on and we heard him squeaking his toys and all of a sudden I realozed the sound had changed to a crunch. He had got a large pine cone and chewed it and spit it out. I was vacuming pine cone in my PH's at 11:00 at night. Pine cpones have made it to table top. Lucy