Monday, December 29, 2008

Onto New Years!

Wow! Christmas comes so fast then boom it is over! We still have all decorations up and probably won't take them down until after New Years. The holidays were good but I ate way too much junk! Now it is time for some serious exercise so I have made a promise to myself to walk the dogs at least 4 days a week for an hour. They are loving it! I took some pictures of the spoiled brats at Christmas. Of course we got them some toys and chews. I bought Rusty a cool duck that quacked that he really got into. After about 3 hours I looked and he had eaten the feet of the duck-crazy dog! Maggie got a new basket for a bed and seemed comfy and happy.

I collect snow globes and Lisa bought me an unusual one for Christmas that lights up,blows snow, and plays music as the animals rotate at the bottom. The top is dented to hold a candle. Pretty neat! We got some cool stuff this year.
I am hoping the weather will hold out through New Year's Eve so we can celebrate it down at the Harbor with fireworks. This is the first year that I can really say that I can not wait until it is over. I am certain that 2009 will be much more promising than last year. I also interview for another position soon with just the right hours to continue business at full force. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopes at bay for now.


a corgi said...

that snow globe does sound beautiful Kelly!! what a great thing to collec too!

so glad you and Lisa had a nice Christmas!! New Year's sounds like fun too if you can carry through with your plans

some time you'll have to share with me (if you want) your moments of enlightment and tolerance you came to know over this past Christmas season; would love to hear them (email me with them if you want)

Happy New Year to you and Lisa! wishing you good luck with that new position you are interviewing for


Janie said...

That looks like a neat snow globe. I like the deer. I like all wild life animals. :) The animals look as spoiled as mine! Shawnee was eating a bead the other day! They said it was made of bone... and I believe it! She usually never eats anything like that. Wonder wat was in the feet of that duck?? lol Have a wonderful New Year. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

That is so pretty, the snow globe, Spunky thinks your dogs stole his cet and toy. I had a bowel blockage from adhesions from prior surgeries, 2 in fact and for nearly a year they could not get it
back right so back to the OR. 6 times in one year.
HAPPy NEW YEAR and bunches more.

jean said...

Happy New Year Kelly and Lisa, maybe the weather will be nice enough for you to celebrate it down at the Harbor. Take care, jean