Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Stuff

On a good note we have been busy. We have had three days of rain right after Easter and lots of lawns to cut. Two landscaping jobs in progress and one painting job. Two estimates are out for pressure washing and deck sealing.
Now I know we are in a recession and that people don't have much money but to leave your grass get above 8 inches high and expect the same price is ridiculous! People just don't realize how hard this is on the blades and belts of really expensive mowers. I actually had to cut one lawn three times. I am going to post a picture of a job that is coming up just to show you what we face some days. If they are elderly I have no problem with this at all, but for a young healthy couple, or people that can afford it I am thinking about having them get another service to come in just to get a taste of those high rates.
I worked all weekend while the weather was good so we really didn't get to do much of anything interesting. We did order some crabs though. What a tease for the season. The weather was so nice here that I even got my first sunburn-whoopie!
As I was passing through town they had an early parade going on for the little league. Small but quaint. The kids seemed to be enjoying it. A client of mine had taken her niece to see the new Hanna Montanna movie and said it was really good. I think I will pass, but if you have kids I am sure they will like it.
I am ready for a little rain this week to get a day off so I can grocery shop. We had peas tonight with no butter-can you just imagine that?
I wished I would have had my camera with me the other day. As I was coming in to the neighborhood I saw a really bright colored beautiful pheasant. I stopped to watch as he strutted around oblivious to my presence. Then while mowing a yard I saw some movement in the grass ahead. Then a baby bunny popped up and was trying to run to the best of his ability. He was so young. So I stopped and to my surprise there were five babies running around only to make their way to the underneath of a row of cypress trees where the guys where hand mowing. I cut a big circle in the yard, got some gloves on and put them all back in their nest. They were so cute. Of course they would have been lunch for the dogs at my house.
Everyone seemed to be enjoying the weather this weekend. We went from wearing coats on one weekend to wearing shorts this weekend.


Janie said...

We got a lot of rain last night! A bunch! My daughter took my little 6 year old grand-daughter to the movie and she had to pay $12 for her! She said it cost about $35 for them just to go to the movie. I wore my med. weight coat to church today. Awww the bunnies sound cute. Hope you have a blessed week. Janie

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yes, it is lawn cutting time of year again. Hope it is a good year for you.

Lucy said...

It is getting to 80 degrees or higher here. It just happens in the blink of an eye here in Nebraska. I know what you mean about cute bunnies but there is one that lives next door under the porch and it and mom has mowed down a whole row of flowers.

Anonymous said...

I took a short jog just a bit ago and I saw guys walking in shorts & flip flops, a few days ago, we too had our winter coats on. Only thing is with the weather change, everyone I ran into was also sneezing and blaming it on that.
I'm not sneezing & I'll even take some sneezing for this great weather. ~Mary