Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It was a long day yesterday and as we were traveling home the guys started talking about current topics. Cloning, Bush, the Presidents new dog, taxes, and other current news. I was really surprised by the different opinions and thought processes. They brought up some good points.

Most of them hate the fact that when they go to read the instruction manual on new products they have to flip through at least three different languages before finding the English version. Now one version was why has this changed so much, and is it making the cost of products go up? The States was originally integrated with several different nationalities years ago, but the main language was English. So why change it?

Obama's dog! Why are so many people interested in the dog that is going to live in the White House when so many are living in shelters. Some thought it was a foo foo dog. Others just didn't give a hoot.

The lady with so many babies and the doctor that implanted the embryo's. Can you believe we didn't even remember her name. I think it's Nadia. This one got a little vulgar so I won't repeat.

Dead beat Dads. Seems like most of them had solid childhoods with good dads and to my surprise the older guys even admitted how much they missed their Dad, even though they had passed on several years ago. Many of them made admission of physical correction by their fathers that seemed to have an impact on their memory. They felt that their upbringing had made them stand up men with dignity and honor and that they thought that was lacking in young men. There seems to be a code with guys. Your always there for your buddy, never hit a woman, man up to any debt, stand your ground, have good intention to do the right thing, take care of yours, and to have fun. Actually that all sounded pretty good to me.

What a dollar used to buy. Movies were .25 cents and you could watch it twice. A huge bag of popcorn, a draft beer, a shoe shine, and soft pretzels at the carnival were all .25 cents. Carnival rides were .10 cents and if your were nice to the carnies you got an extra ride. Gas was .65 cents a gallon. A dollar could buy you a couple soda pops, some candy, and you would still have a quarter left. TV was free and you had one that everybody watched.

The changing times. Most expressed happier days gone by and wished their children could have experienced some of what they had. Drive in movies, to play safely outside getting away from all of the computer garbage, fishing, and Sunday picnics and football games with friends. Most thought that children today are spoiled and lazy. Interesting, and some included their own in this category. They think kids today have too much. They grew up with minimal and more imagination compared to the excess that kids have today.

As I drove I just listened to all of this and wondered why men seemed more free to discuss their difference of opinion than women. To me women have more of a tendency to agree and be more diplomatic. I have read many other blogs that were based on current political news and opinion. Most all comments seemed to agree with their writers and I wondered why? Do people that have a different view feel inhibited to express this? Are they afraid someone will think less of them if they don't agree? Really now we all have one, we see the world from many different views, and we have the right to express them. Opinions are a very important tool. Presidential campaigns run on them. Yes it all is a matter of opinion.


Lucy said...

Guess what Kelly, I just like reading your blog. When you do make a new entry it is so interesting. I learn something new every day from one blog or another. I also admire the fact that you and Lisa are domestic partners and never seem to be afraid to say so. You have came a LONG WAY BABY. lUCY

Lucy said...

Kelly if you go to my blog there is an award for you. I might have your blog address wrong. If so will you send it to me so I can correct it. Email me at Lucyhorky@gmail.com if you need it to be changed. I am not good at these sort of things. Lucy

Janie said...

We are all different. lol I seem to do a lot of sticking my foot in my mouth; so try to keep it shut as much as possible. I feel like 9 times out of 10 I will stick to my choice; and 9 times out of 10 the other person will also stick to their choice. lol Life seems to be made up of one's choices. I can get into more trouble by saying something that sounds like something I didn't mean. hahaha! Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

I hope I did not say anything to offend you, Kelly and If I did I am sorry. If I worded you and Lisas relationship wrong , I only did ir because when you first started your blog you made no bones about who you were. That is why I admired you. If you or or Jane does not want the award that is fine. It is no skin off my nose.