Monday, January 26, 2009

Just stuff

Well we finished the painting job a day early and may capture an additional job from this client which is great. Things turned out good and I was really happy with the job. I have learned one thing since Lisa's days have been cut and she has helped out to save money ( she can not paint!). It was like a laurel and hardy episode one day. She has gained alot of respect for blue collar work since helping with some of the jobs and can be quite amusing sometimes to work with. A good belly laugh is worth more than money sometimes. Next we hope to pick up the job of two downed trees this week. It is tough but we are really trying to give good deals to get the jobs and help out the client at the same time.
I had to laugh at Janie's comment about hating hot dogs and beer. I will admit to probably being the hot dog queen. I just love them and it can be with all the trimmings, plain, bun less, or just with mustard. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack. The only thing is that it has to be one of those junk dogs with variety meats which I consider to be the original hot dog. Can't handle the beef ones. Of course we are gearing up for Superbowl and hope to get on a pool at one of the local bars. We went out to dinner over the weekend to a local bar and restaurant that has some of the best seafood you can find at a really good price. The catch is the atmosphere needs alot to be desired but at least you don't have to get dressed up. We had crab cakes, raw oysters, fried clams and french fries with a couple of beers and it was really cheap.
I noticed that some of the patrons were playing Wii bowling and I found that unusual for the area. It was pretty cool to watch but then I thought about how the electronic world has taken away from the physicality of participation. It seems that less and less people bowl, play pool, roller blade, hike, and are active outside of the IT realm.
We are preparing for either snow or sleet coming are way. I did get the snow blower started on the first try but of course the weather was like 48 degrees so I think the problem of why it would not start before was due to the cold weather at 22 degrees. I am guessing that some gas additive might work but if anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated. I've been studying some spicy curry recipes to try for today and have found that Indian cooking is very interesting. I have decided to try a spicy curry beef over rice. I did need to get some extra spices for this one and Lisa almost died when she had to pay $12.00 for a bottle of cardamom. Spices can be expensive at the regular grocery stores and I would advise people to check out local markets and small foreign speciality shops where they are much cheaper when you want to make original dishes. Another thing we ran into this week was the difference in a cost of a bottle of shampoo. We buy ours at our hair salon which I paid $29.00 plus tax. We went to Walmart an I noticed their beauty salon had the same kind of shampoo at the cost of $18.95 plus tax. The same size bottle and exact shampoo. That is a big difference! For all that buy your hair products at your local salon you should check the Walmart salons to see what type of savings you may be able to get.
We did watch 60 minutes last night about the loss of jobs in Ohio from the DHL plant. I wanted to cry because I felt so sorry for those people and the town. Especially those that had both the husband and the wife working at the same plant loosing their jobs. Ohio has been hit hard with the recession and was having problems before this happened. The question next is what will people do for medical and how will this take its toll on the state and the hospitals. The snowball just keeps rolling and getting bigger by the month.
As for the football that I had signed only the memorie remains due to a fire we had when we lived on one of the farms. My parents were having a house built and stored our childhood memories in the barn until its completion. The barn was struck by lighting, caught fire and burned to the ground. My sisters and I still talk about it to this day. Of course no one was injured and that is the most important thing, but we often talk of what things would be worth today. I know I had a collection of about 400 comic books that I had collected since early childhood and my dear friend Charlie McCarthy was in there. I was a comic book junkie as a kid and still have that childhood tendency to capture anything to do with Spidey and the gang. Yes some of us never completely grow up!
The other thing I learned this week is that Lisa thinks that I cannot sing. Imagine that! She even had the nerve to tell her mother had bad it is. Of course I find this amusing and it gives me that little edge now to tease her with. My sister is coming soon for a visit and of course I have been thinking of a good joke to play on her in my little evil mind. Perhaps something scary this time?


Lucy said...

YOU CAN NOT BE GETTING SNOW!!!! WE HAVE ALL OF IT!!!! I am with uou on the hot dogs. Every night we cut a hot dog in half and dole it out to Spunky as we eat. My little secret, when I cut the hot dog I always eat the other half. cold. Lucy

a corgi said...

that was too bad about the fire and so many cherished items destroyed in it :(

take care of yourself Kelly


Janie said...

We moved from a farm house that my great uncle purchased. A lot of our stuff was in the old shed. I had a iron eagle that was in Family Circle that was worth a couple of thousand dollars!! My doll buggy, stoller, and etc. Who knew it would be worth so much now! lol We have all thrown away a fortune! Hmmm I would mow the lawn as cook. lol Hope you have a great visit with your sister. Blessings, Janie