Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It has been an interesting couple of days here. The big hype for the playoff game. The grocery store only had six packs of hot dogs left. Now that was hard to believe. Everyone was in their team shirts and hats purchasing snacks and other goodies getting ready for kickoff. Of course we had the big let down when the Ravens lost to the Steelers in the playoffs. Steelers have been playing a great game and deserve it to win the Superbowl.

Things must be quite different here as compared to the west coast and I am assuming it is due to the weather. Betty had mentioned about going out to eat and having to wait for a table. Saturday we decided to go to dinner and a nice restaurant on the water and made reservations. We were the only ones in the whole dining room! The good thing was that we received excellent service and the food was delicious. I did feel sorry for the staff knowing that they make the majority of their salary in tips. Afterwards we strolled the waterside town (in 5 degree weather) and it was close to empty everywhere which is unusual for here. I have heard many people say they were staying home because it was just too cold.

I started a painting job on Monday that will take up the week, which is good. So I am painting and it starts snowing. Now they only called for a snow shower. It started snowing harder and harder with really big flakes. I really needed to get one room finished with primer and was moving at a faster pace in case the snow kept coming. Finally finished around 4:00, cleanup and headed for home which was a really good thing because the temperature was dropping and I could see some ice already forming. We live in a development that we all pay a fee for the roads to be cleaned. That is really funny due to the fact that it doesn't happen until a day or two later. The problem is that it is hilly like a mountain with trees and no roadside. So I come around the corner in my truck and see like 20 cars at the ponds and people standing around. I just gave thought that they had something going on. Then I saw the ice. No I didn't panic just put it in low gear and kept up a good speed made it up the hill then popped into the drive. Now I bought this truck for this reason alone. A big four wheel drive Chevy that can handle snow and it holds good to its name. Later after talking to the neighbor who has AWD and couldn't make it up the hill that is the reason everyone was at the ponds. We watched car after car slide sideways, spinout, and one do a 380. Finally after mega complaints the snow trucks came bearing gifts of salt. Everyone was happy for about 30 minutes until we lost power.

I cleaned up the walks and then was going to rev up the snow plow for the first time removing snow. I pulled the started and nothing! Okay this thing was just serviced it should start right away. After about 45 minutes of trying to start this thing I was worn out. Used starter fluid and everything. It was just too cold! This thing had started all summer and fall, now it just quenched up. This seemed really strange because it is colder in other states and I am wondering how do they keep everything running. So it was back to the trusty old snow shovel.

Losing power here is like changing your underware. It seems to happen everyday. Well now we are down for hours and I don't really mind it as much as Lisa. So I made this really nice butternut squash and apple soup for dinner, started the fireplace and this seemed to appease her need for electricity for awhile.


Lucy said...

Hope things are looking up for you girls. Joes sister lives in Maryland and she says it has been chilly but no snow where she is. Take care and thanx for the feel better wishes. It is working.

a corgi said...

that soup sounded delicious! I feel for the people trying to get up the icy hill; been there done that at times; I'm with you, you need a vehicle that can handle those conditions when you get them


Lori said...

I'm so sorry you were without your power for a while. Hope things are back to normal for now. I have never made butternut soup but have always meant to. My husband makes pies out of butternut squash, and they are SO delicious! Take care, and hope the rest of your week goes well.

Janie said...

Ugh! Six packs and hot dogs! I don't care for either! lol I would have starved! lol 5 degrees is just too cold for me! I slid off of a turnpike one time.. last time I want to do that. 3 people were killed that day. Lucy my son and I was not hurt. I am now scared of ice! We had an ice storm one time and was out of electric for 6 days! I have a gas cook stove but need electric for the heater. Hubby and son put a plug on it and now we can use a generator. Cured me of ever wanting to be without electric in a ice storm. lol Hope you get your electic soon and you get thawed out. lol Have a good week. Janie