Friday, January 16, 2009


The weather has turned really cold here at 5 degrees. Actually I kind of like it because the ground is nice and hard in the backyard for the dogs, which means less dirt in the house-yeah! They won't stay out there too long when it is this cold.

I have actually taken the time to do some painting which I haven't done for years. Now I have to clean up the basement. I just imagined myself sitting across the mountains in a row boat on a quiet lake fishing for bass. Looks as if this may be in Colorado. See I told you I day dream.
Now I am going to start a new herb garden with oregano, basil, Italian parsley, and mint. I had an earlier one but the light drew small gnats during the summer. It seems to be the time of year for small projects and hobbies. I bought a really neat vase for the kitchen table and now am in the search for a nice water plant to go with it.
Things are not so hot in town. A friend of mine owns a bar and restaurant which she is really struggling with. I have noticed that she is not opening during the day and has cut back on the days they are open. I should stop in to see her. I tried to tell her in a nice constructive way that the previous chef was ruining her business but it came too late and then the downside of the economy hit. Most of all I can't believe she is not open on Sundays. She is missing a large part of business during football season. I went to the feed store to get dog food and the owners are really struggling and one went back to work full time. They have cut down their inventory and staff. Then I noticed the signs in the development behind us that has not finished building the total number of homes. The poor guy got foreclosed on leaving two new homes never lived in and four other lots that were up for auction. Over 1.5 million dollar in investment! After doing some research I wonder what happens at this point. People that bought those houses paid $450,000.00 under the assumption that the development would be finished and all the homes would be of equal value. Now what happens to the value when the new builder goes in and puts up $150,000.00 home. That is a loss for everyone and such a shame.
It is getting nasty around here with the playoffs happening on Sunday. A brutal rival between the Ravens and the Steelers. The fans are going wild over this. Then when you throw the Eagles into the mix it is really wild. Everywhere we look people are sporting their team shirts and colors. Actually it is a lot of fun! Our neighbors are from Pittsburg-booooo! only kidding. Let's hope that the officials get all the calls right and we see Big Ben on his back most of the game. Go Ravens! I have been glued to the TV on Sundays watching the games and have been surprised at the outcomes. I really expected the Giants to be there but maybe Plaxico is that missing link after all or should we say Eli's security blanket. It was just really weird seeing Brett Farve in a jets uniform, Peyton Manning sitting on the sidelines as he watched the hopes of the colts being dashed once again, and LT out for the playoffs once again. We are hoping that purple power reins once again in the playoffs.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Did not realize until you mentioned it that there are three east coast teams :o)

The housing situation is tough, that happened to me in CA, I had to sell, but development was not done, and was undercut by developer trying to get out.

a corgi said...

should be interesting playoffs! now that the Chargers are out of it, I won't be too excited to see the outcome until SuperBowl; always got to watch that with the ads, LOL

the economy is awful all over the place, but go figure, we went out to eat last night at Chili's (like Applebee's or TGIFridays in case you don't have Chili's back there) and when we got there at 5:45 there was a 30-minute wait; before we got sat the wait was up to an hour and people were still coming in to get sat; of course its Friday night but the place was packed!

I liked that painting, did you do that Kelly? very nice!!!


Janie said...

That is a great painting Kelly. Things are going to get worse... that is the bad thing! Hope you have luck with your herb garden. Have a great week. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

Loved the pictures. Lucy