Friday, January 9, 2009

The tide may be turning

Among all the negatives I have felt a sense of well being underneath waiting to climb to the surface and bring good things. It has started! Lisa got a phone call from HR at the hospital she applied and she is still in the running for the job she applied for. They have narrowed it down to three and will try to make the decision in two weeks. We had not heard anything and assumed that they hired someone-whew! This is really good news and I am hoping she gets the job not only because of the pay, but I think she needs a boost at this point in her life and this would be just the thing, plus she is deserving of it.

I had a dream the other night and when I woke up I could remember everything very clearly like I was awake the whole time. Okay you know I am a gambler but I had not gambled for sometime. I have been playing some scratch offs and won three chances to win a thousand dollars a week for 20 years. Wouldn't that be nice? So we are waiting for the drawing and of course just planning that dream vacation (which we will probably wind up taking in the back yard-HaHa). Well anyway in the dream I had bought three scratch off tickets and there was a winner on each one. The first was 75,000.00, the second one was 7,000.00 and the third was 700.00. Now I have been researching what scratch off has this amount on it to buy and in the meantime I have been playing a four digit daily number that has not hit for along time which is 9850. Well yesterday and tonight I just missed hitting this four digit by a hair. Then the mega million (currently12 million) was drawn and I bought one random ticket due to the fact that I never come close not even one number. So I am watching the drawing (which I never do) and decide to check that ticket (which I never do) and to my surprise we had numbers. I actually was getting excited since I always have crappy numbers. Then to my surprise we had four numbers and it is worth $150.00. Yippie!
Things seem to be changing!

I was so excited just because we never win on this game that I woke Lisa up and showed her the ticket. Still groggy and half asleep she did comprehend what I was saying and was surprised also and said "things seem to be turning around". Now I had not mentioned what I have been feeling to her and I thought wow that is just too coincidental.

There would be so many things to do if I hit the big one. I often wonder what I would do with the money and usually I have the same outcome when daydreaming of this.
1) Pay off all debt
2)Take a nice vacation to Tahiti
3)Start large restaurant chain
4)Put money into the community
5)Give to Katrina victims for their homes
6)Open food pantry and soup kitchen for the homeless
7)Share with siblings so they can live comfortable and retire

I have always been a daydreamer and I do feel the tide may be turning.


a corgi said...

so happy that Lisa is still in the running for that job!! I hope she gets it; I know it would be a big boost for her to get back out in the job field and to be wanted by an employer!! Congrats for winning off that lottery ticket!! Any winning is a good thing!! someone has to win the lotto; might as well be you and Lisa, right??

I like what you would do with it too! I like to think if I win the lottery I would want to get out of debt, set a little aside for a rainy day and give it all to worthy charities

enjoy your weekend! and I do hope your tide is turning, someone's has to right??


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sometimes attitude can help turn things around. Sounds like you are in for a string of good things as long as you stay positive.

Janie said...

Wishing you a lot of luck with the lottery. I hardly ever win anything! lol Glad that Lisa may be getting that job. Hope you have a great week. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

So good to hear the good news. Now to answer a question. I never cat nap during the day. Moat days I just wake early. Take meds for it and they help. Otherwise I would be a walking Zombie. Lol. Take care and don't spend all that money in one place. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hope you gals both wind up with jobs and a whole bunch of happiness. Lucy

Lucy said...

Wishing you the best of luck Kelly. Good thoughts and dreams never hurt. Lucy