Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blissful innocence

It's late and my mind seems to be racing with many thoughts. I don't really think I should watch the news late at night since it makes my brain race in 50 directions. It seems like the whole banking and finance industry has just went to pot. Talk about corruption! How do they get away with stealing billions of dollars over a ten year period without raising a red flag. Personally I think Bernard Madoff and Allen Stamford should be hung up by their balls for raping the public! Things are just way out of control and we need to impose some stiff penalties on people like this. I don't mean luxury camp jails either, put them into the main stream like everyone else.
I am just so glad I spent all those short lived lottery winnings. Sorry Betty, but I did try to hit the big one and I would have shared with everyone. It does bring me delight when I hear the local news giving out the best bargains at local stores to save the consumers some money. Imagine that actual competition for our business! I have also found delight in the new level of courtesy that all stores seemed to be instilling in their employees. Actual greetings, help when needed, and small exchange of pleasantries. I feel as if I have went back in time when the consumer had the power. We need to enjoy this while it last! The funny thing is that I never know how much it is going to cost to fill up my tank. Gas prices have yo-yo'd so much that I just can't seem to pin it down. Better bargains out there, competitive pricing, actual service, and all for the almighty dollar. Even though it has shrunk it carries value in many ways.

With this huge stimulus package I still hear of more layoff's in the automobile industry. Do you really mean to tell me that these top level managers and CEO's did not see this coming years ago? How educated are these people? So highly educated that they become criminal! How many different models of cars do we need? This is exactly what I mean when I say I feel like the world is spinning out of control. We have went from quality to quantity, self preservation to self destruction, abstinence to self indulgence, and from conservative to promiscuous. To raise one child well is not enough you need to have 14, to feel loved even if you can not afford to feed them. This is the exact reason why people fight stem cell research. They are afraid of the horrible social ills that will seep into society from neglect as that of invitro fertilization.

Why can't we turn a negative into a positive. Everyone wants rights and choices so let's give it to them in a way that would be a win win situation. First, for all of those inmates that should be given a second chance to redeem themselves: give them the choice of organ donating and reduced sentencing or a chance to fight in the war for their country. Second we really need universal health care along with privatized health care. We should have a choice, and small employers would not suffer as much, and larger employers could utilize private insurance as a better incentive hiring package. The government needs to invest in the health of those that can work to keep them healthy and working and prevent people having to take disability. We need better government watchdog programs for the financial industry with harsh penalties for violations, if these people are that good at getting money maybe they need to be doing tax returns for the public for free. First let them see all the hardworking people in person that they have been robbing and than get them back the most money possible. Now that would be interesting. Dear Bernie I am ready and waiting for my taxes to be prepared.

It is funny how the world changes ones perception. As a child the world is full of fantasy, wonder, and belief. Then once you hit adulthood the facts of realism hits home dismantling all those years of blissful innocence.


a corgi said...

oh well you tried (to hit the big one; we sometimes buy tickets too and dream big) thanks for trying!

you raised good points, Kelly. I don't know where the answers are these days....we as a country are spiraling out of control and no one is stopping it. I have not much faith the stimulus bill will do anything productive except keep us in debt forever....

but I trust God and I believe him since he keeps his promises so I'll continue to do my best living for him :)

gas here is $2.37 for medium grade; and if they ever pass a budget here in California, we could get a 12 cent gas tax per gallon. Joy!


Lucy said...

I feel exactly as you do Kelly. The world is spinning out of control. Joe and I were talking last night about why we had not noticed several years back what was happening. We did not watch the news the way WE DO NOW. Had we done that we would be doing like you are now, freaking out. By the way I will mention this now I have one credit card for such things I have taken out automaticly. Thank goodness the credit card co was on the ball because someone got into my card in GERMANY and they tried to charge me for purchases they made. My card has been destroyed and the no. off the card has been erased. I SHRED EVERYTHING NO MATTER HOW MINOR it seems. Have always done that. I would be willing to bet someone hacked into my computer and somehow got the only card I have, how I do not know. I don't even order anything on the computer any more and use a credit card. That is scary and I aM GOING TO TALK TO ONE OF THE 2 SONS THAT IS A WHIZ AND EVEN DOES HIS BANKING ON LIne and see how I can make this more secure. Lucy

Lucy said...

I have got to add something, at least we have a president that is trying to get the mess straightened out. He is trying tyo stop the spiraling thaT bUSH ALLOWED TO HAPPEN for 8 years. Lucy

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is a difficult situation, and while I dispise how we got here, I do not believe we can punish those responsible, because that could make things even worse.