Saturday, February 7, 2009


Contractors, gotta lov'em they are helping our business. I find it amusing that the very thing I used to bitch about it has come full circle for me. Over the years we have had to use contractors for several projects and I have found that they can cause as much disrepair trying to repair. There are several that are just down right messy and expensive to boot. Then there are those that just don't have the best work ethic.

Recently we have had a flurry of calls for all sorts of small request and odd projects due to contractor expense, blunders, and mess that has been left behind. One client has spent several thousands of dollars having hard wood flooring installed which looks great, but during the installation the contractors actually marked up the walls even leaving small gouges that need repair. So we get the call to patch and paint.

Another client has brick work done and calls for us to come and clean up the mess that has been left outside. A pile of broken bricks, bags, harden concrete, and debris. This leads to a new client for summer lawn care-yeah!

I have yet to understand why consumers don't hold the people that are paying good money for such as licensed carpenter, plumber, electrician, or mason responsible for damages. No matter how small the damage it was not there beforehand nor should it be after the job is done.

A lady has tile installed and needs to have it sealed. Contractors want way too much money for these type of projects and it is starting to roll our way. The funny thing about this is that we don't advertise that we can do this type of work. The original premise that I have been building the business on is working but going into a different direction. We offer multiple services so that once a client establishes a relationship they become comfortable with one company that can give them better price points and handle small jobs that no one else wants to do.

We have went from lawn care, landscaping, pet sitting, to power washing, hauling, hanging pictures, installing window treatments, drywall repair, small tree removal, and other crazy sorts of things. We are building good relationships within the community and I am enjoying this radical change from that of a restaurant but there are those times when I yearn to start another.

With the economy the way it is I don't think that will happen for awhile. So for now I am thankful for all those messy men out there that we know as contractors.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are weathering the economic downturn.

Janie said...

It really is amazing how some people don't do what they are suppose to do and you can't help but wonder why. lol Glad you are getting some work. Hope you have a great weekend. Janie

Lucy said...

That is good that you have the ability to tackle anything. That is what will probably keep you from feeling this horrible job market as much as others. My son got cut back to 32 hours at Duncan Aviation. They build new jets, also repairs, painting and so forth. Ron is into a sort of paINTING only not where he wants to be. By trade he is a body man and painter and does a lot of work in his shop at home on cars and some trucks. Glad you are back.

a corgi said...

its good that you are a "jack of all trades" Kelly! surely to your benefit in these tough economic times!!

(I think you might know I'm taking a break from journaling, I'll be back as I can :)


mortonlake said...

hi kelly,found have sense enough to click ya pic.tut.see you doing well,glad for you,following you now,so i will say,take care,mort xx