Wednesday, February 11, 2009

streak still holding

I sure hope this lucky streak stays for awhile! I am on a roll! Of course when I cashed my tickets the other day I purchased new numbers. Now my sister had said a week ago that she felt one of our birthdays were going to come up in the lottery. So after studying some numbers I played my mothers birthday 908 and two others. After work Lisa and I decided to go for pizza at one of our hangouts. We ordered, and I picked out some random scratch offs to play while we waited. I scratched the first one and it was a $50.00 winner, proceeded to scratch off the next four and each was a $15.00 dollar winner, the next was a $20.00, and the last two were losers. I said "I just won $130.00 dollars" and Lisa was like "yeah right your full of it". She didn't believe it! So I cashed in and came out $90.00 ahead. We came home and I checked our numbers and we hit again. Mom's birthday came in box for $80.00. It was just unreal! So Lisa is like" hurry go get a mega millions ticket we might win."

I think she truly thought that it was going to be possible to win. So of course we were daydreaming of trips to Tahoe, Tahiti, and other far away places. That is what makes it fun! I still can't complain because I had the money ball and won $2.00! Well this week has definitely been good so far and I hope everyone else is having the luck that I am. How long this streak will last is to be seen.


a corgi said...

awesome Kelly!!! its neat to see good luck like this coming along to nice people like you and Lisa :)

so if you feel lucky on the big ones, let me know; I'll put it to go along with you!


Lucy said...

Yes Kelly, I did say Horsemeat was sold in the stores years ago. It had on there not for human consumption. However one of our grocery stores was caught selling it for hamburger. Can't remember how it turned out. I know they were fines but the store is still operating. Happy Valentines day!!! Lucy

Lucy said...

We have even stopped buying the pwer ball ticket but once in a blue moom. Hope you keep on winning. Lucy