Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Stuff

Well, we finally heard from the hospital that Lisa applied to and she did not get the job. They hired a PRN that had been working there. Time to move on to the next one. Her company is still maintaining their offices in PA and she did get an increase in hours but, the monthly cost of insurance is outrageous. She had off yesterday and offered to help me out on a job.

My new motto is "Objects are heavier than what they appear". I had a client that needed a stump left from a tree that had blown over and was resting on top of the ground to be removed. Oh my god it must have weighed 600 pounds! Worse than wrestling a gator if you can muster that image. So we made our plans and got the thing up onto the trailer to take to the dump, you talk about being sore. Lisa now thinks that I have truly lost my mind and I am not quite sure that she isn't right. I need to use the word NO!

I did get a response from the Mayors office regarding the smoke shop. Interestingly enough it is a legal business that they can not discriminate against. Of course we knew that! However it is within the rights for the town commissioners to create laws that protect the citizens rights and keep them safe. They also noted that the devices that they sold were for use of legal tobacco products. I laughed at that! When was the last time you saw your mother or even grandmother smoking from a bong? Just envisioning that picture alone gave me the best laugh! Hmmmm sounds like there may be a possibility to create new zoning laws. The good thing is that our police department is keeping a watchful eye on them.

We also saw response from the SPCA regarding the man breeding the German Sheppard's. New housing has been provided for the dogs and a noticeable amount of exercise time. It's all a good thing.

We have lined up some new jobs seems like people are getting back tax money and wanting to spend on some extra things. I have really noticed a spending pattern with all of our clients. You almost can predict when they are going to call, just not what they will be requesting. Keeps it interesting. I still am not so sure of the recession and have applied for a couple full time positions to ensure that we survive the economy pitfalls. Scheduling the business flow will be challenging and we may have to say no to some things, but it is what it is.

We started to watch a new TV series on showtime that is called the United States of Tara. It is about a woman that has multiple personalities that transition when she becomes stressed or under pressure. It can be very funny!


Lucy said...

Good for you with the shepards. I love Shepards. Good Spunky can't read. lol Lucy

a corgi said...

sad about the smoke shop, but you tried Kelly; and it is true that they can get by saying its for tobacco products (yeah right)

that was a nice update about the dogs!

I agree with you; its good to have several things going in these hard economic times; I've been looking into other things too to try to supplement the income; you got to do what you got to do

sorry Lisa didn't get the job :(


Janie said...

Just stopping in for a quick hello. Glad that things are going alright for you. Hope things don't get worse but sure it will before things get better. Hope you have a great week. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

Hope you are having a good day. Lucy Oh yes I meant to mention on the nursing homes, and I don't mean assisted living, they are a necessity but Kelly, they do not take care of the patients as well as they should. I know they are understaffed and the work is not easy but my sisters and my son were human beings. Alan and Grace could voice their opinions but poor Mabel with the alzhiemers could not. Lucy

Lucy said...

Just stopped in to see if you all were still blogging and say hi. Have a good weekend!!! Lucy