Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucky Numbers

Finally tenacity has paid off. I have been playing the lottery and noticed that a set of numbers had not hit for quite some time. Well it finally paid off and my numbers (985) hit twice-wahoo! First it came in boxed so I cashed my winning ticket for $80.00 and decided to purchase the number for that day. When I got home I couldn't believe it, it came in straight that day. It paid $580.00-Yippie!

It was like a winning horse crossing the finish line. Yes, I know I have the fever! I just love the thrill of a win because the odds are so high.

So I spent some of my big winnings today and bought a fish. Yes, a fish (beta) named Ernie that is displayed in the center of my table in all his glory. I thought I was going to kill him trying to put him in his new home. So everyone got a treat today new Frisbee and ball for the dogs, cat treats for Maggie, and CD for Lisa, and a little fish named Ernie for me from some overdue lucky numbers.

P.S. Hope my luck holds out and Ernie isn't floating upside down tomorrow morning.


a corgi said...

congrats Kelly!! that is awesome!!!! hoping Ernie survives the night! seems everyone else got some goodies too!!

we sometimes buy a ticket or two a week of the mega millions just for the fun of it


Lucy said...

Hope Ernie is ok today and my orchid is not doing very well. See what it does. Lucy

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Congrats on your winnings. A little splurge every now and then is so fun.