Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can you solve the mystery?

I have always been fascinated with true crime stories and the human mind. After the police came that night I thought about everything and what he had said, something still was not right. So the next day I saw the neighbor outside and went over and asked him what had happened and some other questions regarding the break in. Believe me when I tell you as before that you can not always judge a book by the cover and that there are skeletons in every one's closet. I am going to list the facts, characters, background, and events to see what you think.

Cree Terrace: a climbing street that winds through heavily wooded areas comprised of many different types of homes located in a residential community that used to be a vacation area.

The beginning of Cree Terrace we have the Altman's on the right a modest rancher, us on the left a bilevel, Krissy and Mark next to us a small cottage, directly across from us is Barbara in a two story A-frame with the lower half rented out to Bob. All in clear view of each other, except for the shrubbery.
Bob's apartment was broken into, vandalized, and robbed during the day on a Monday (Columbus day).
Police report in not totally correct with all of the necessary information. Bob did not tell them everything.(This comes directly from Bob). Police interview Bob, Altman's, and Us. The officer in charge thinks that it is kids due to the vandalism and no theft. Bob did not tell the officer what was stolen. Guns and Money.
Bob: 21 year old male renting lower apartment from Barbara. Current length of residence 7 months. Victim of recent robbery. Occupation construction/farm worker. Has part time live in girlfriend. Works day shift and not steady. Likes to party, is neighborly, quite, stays to himself most of the time. Has developed close relationship with the Altman's, mostly Steve and Duane. Currently on probation, has a DUI and struggling.

Barbara: 46 year old gay single female living between two residences. One in Baltimore, and the one on Cree Terrace. Recently renovated her home to rent out lower apartment to help pay the mortgage. Always comes up on Sat./Sun and stays until Monday. Very consistent pattern of everyday life. Very friendly with everyone in the neighborhood. Close relationship with the Altman's. Shares a large amount of personal and financial information with the Altman's. Occupation: Landlord/long time employee of Wholefoods Grocery/4 year coast guard. No police record.

Krissy & Mark: Both are in the Mid 30's. He is a tool salesman. She is a teacher. First marriage, no children. Just moved here about 9 months ago. Very friendly and neighborly. We share produce and goods, etc. They are busy and stick to themselves, work during the day, go away on weekends to hike. Krissy currently joined the board of directors for our development. No police records.

Us: We have lived here 10 years. We are neighborly and friendly but do not visit neighbors, nor share personal information. I run my own service business so my schedule is erratic. Lisa is a MRI Tech and works Mon-Fri. during the day. Lisa does not pay attention to what goes on in the neighborhood and is friendly and neighborly but does not socialize with the neighbors. We both are rather guarded. No police records

Altman's: Late 50's couple with two grown daughters. Steve's fourth marriage. Residence of 12 years. He is an injured truck driver with no police record and currently on Workman's Comp. Currently on a very potent pain patch that causes him to talk alot and divulge quite a bit of information. Nancy is a private house cleaner with no record. Both are drinkers. The two girls one living at home is 19. The other has moved in with an ex-convict and is 18. Steve does not work, and Nancy has an erratic schedule. The daughter works split shifts. This is the loud house on the corner. Very friendly people, will help anyone that needs it. Close relationship with the victim and the home owner. Steve has even worked with me on past occasion. Currently have a live in guest that is thirty three years old. Long police record. Steve states that he was a foster child and used to live with them there about 10 years ago. ( This has to be false due to his age). Duane: unemployed 33 year old male, long police record, no transportation or support. Friendly with Bob. The Altman's know everybody and everything. They are the ones that pass on all the information about what is going on in the community. Always outside smoking on front porch and working around their house.

The house was vandalized badly. Bob left the main entrance door open. There then is his apartment door, then steps that go up to Barbara's level. Another entrance door that leads to her side of basement. They punched a hole in a wooden flimsy interior door about the size of a 10 " diameter.
They trashed the house. Bob said they broke glasses, sliced up stuff with a knife, and put holes in the drywall.
Bob lied to the cops and said nothing was stolen.
Bob is on probation so that is why he lied about the guns being stolen. Two shot guns and money were stolen.
Bob denies having enemies.
Bob states that the money was in a place that only he and Barb knew in the one side of the basement, not his apartment, but you have to go through that way to get to it, or through her front door down to the basement.
Bob states that he doesn't have much company.
He seems genuinely upset and mad.
Bob contacted Steve to ask if he saw anyone or heard anything but did not ask anyone else. I went to him.
Steve stated no.
Bob left lower entrance door open because he thought Barbara was coming so she could get rent.
He reported this to Barbara and she stated about filing a home owners claim.
Babara did not come as she always does.
Steve does lots of personal favors for Barbara and knows his way inside and out of her house.
Nancy cleans house for Barbara's dad and Steve says she is always asking for extra stuff without paying for it.
Duane has been in Bobs house to party and have a couple of beers together.
Bob, Barbara, Steve, nor Nancy have contacted Lisa, Myself, or Krissy or Mark about this robbery.
We find this highly unusual because we all communicate and watch out for each other.
A robbery occurred on a street where I work for a client.
Steve has been with me several times at this street
The night before the robbery I heard Duane and Steve leaving in the truck late at night-unusual
The men were identified as wearing dark ski masks
They shot the woman's dog in the face.
The very next day Steve was outside moving a couch wearing a dark ski mask in 75 degree weather. Odd!
I asked why the ski mask (this is before I knew about the robbery) he stated that he did not want Workman's comp investigator seeing him move the sofa.
5 years ago we saw a traffic stream of young kids into this household during the day
kids of all ages not just their daughters age
Steve is friends with another man down the road that just got busted for drugs
I recently say Duane at this same house
The man is an avid gun collector (all had been seized by sheriff's department)
All of the young kid traffic stop completely.
Can not get the truth about who Duane is.
Steve admitted under the influence of pain medication some past events that transpired in the neighborhood that were underhanded imposed on other neighbors
Steve poisoned the neighbors two dogs
Steve is committing Workman's comp fraud
Barbara does not have a legal renters occupancy permit
Bob thinks he is being overcharged on his rent
Steve has a grudge against Barbara that she does not know
I locked myself out one day and Steve opened my door in 10 seconds with a credit card
In the last three days the weather has been gorgeous and there have not been any signs of the neighbors outside except for us and Krissy/Mark
Steve and Duane claim that they go out at night to scavenge trash metals.
Steve asked what i thought was an unusual question: Where do I keep the dogs in the house?
This sent a red flag and I stated they have free run.
Last of all the Altman's are suffering major financial problems.
The day of the crime the kids were in school.
Yes we do have vandalism problems on occasion here.
I have not seen many kids lately and the ones I have seen are very young
I was outside that whole day and did not see anyone at Bobs house
The dogs did not bark
Steve's dogs did not bark
There is a private passage way that joins the Altman's and Barbara's yards

My take: Past history has proven that many serial killers had no record and some were actually in the security profession such as the BTK killer. Ted Bundy was charming. Randy Woodside was an ex football player. History has proven that large bank thefts do not always generate from the common criminal but from high powerful executives that have no criminal record. Proven facts state that robberies occur from someone that knows you, knows your routine, and knows what you have. Murder victims lives are most likely taken from someone that they know instead of a random act. Criminals can be charming, witty, deceiving, while possessing a sadistic nature. Ted Bundy lured some of his victims in by using a dummy broken arm routine. Some of victims of child abuse and practice animal torture. Then there are those that commit a crime and want to be there to see the aftermath and bath in the publicity of the case.

Could our likable overzealous strange neighbors on the corner be behind the robbery/robberies?

Okay that is most of what I can remember so What do you think? Can you solve the mystery?


Lucy said...

I think I would steer clear of all that bunch. You could be next on the robbery list. You would make an excellent detective, Kelly

Janie said...

Think I agree with you. lol I am always analyzing stuff like that and sometimes my family thinks I am nuts. lol Sometimes it is hard kind of being able to figure things out. lol Have a great day, but do be careful. Janie

Janie said...

Can't find your email address so will put this link in to my other journal. You can read it. You mentioned someone on your journal I think sat behind me one night at a church. lol
Don't know if the link will work or not?? Janie

Jean said...

Kelly I think you need to keep your doors bolted well with people like that for neighbors. Looks like it could have been any of them I'm sure it wasn't kids. Take care jean

a corgi said...

oh my gosh, you could write a soap opera with the cast of characters on your street (and you and Lisa would be the sane ones); scary situation; scary that someone has guns that they shouldn't have and that the guy on probation wouldn't admit that to the cops, I understand why he didn't, but still scary all around; I think you have something there with who you suspect; I would be very careful about your house; double-lock; I might even get a home security system for a bit too; be careful!