Monday, October 13, 2008

Its not Kids

We are trying to fit in all the last minute summer stuff that we have not finished yet. I've been painting the outside concrete at the bottom of the house. First primer then the final coat. I just can not get finished because of so many interruptions. So I spent most of the day outside and have the primer coat finished. Then I just couldn't stand the dogs anymore. They needed a bath bad! So they spent the full day outside getting really dirty one last time then it was bath time and dinner. It tired them out and they crashed. I have the hardest time keeping Abbey clean. I don't care what it is she will roll in it. Water, mud, walnut husk, anything smelly, and anything wet. It is driving me nuts.
So we are watching dancing with the stars and someone knocks on the front door. It is one of our town cops. Someone broke into the house across the street and vandalized it pretty good. This happened today. The police department tends to think that it is neighborhood kids because of the vandalism. Now I only left the house for an hour today and have been outside for most of the day and did not hear or see anything. I have news for them, I really do not think it was kids. There haven't been any around and the ones we have seen are just doing their own thing. I really don't even think it happened today. You know every time something happens around here it is when our other neighbors host a guest. I mean host as in have a temporary live in for awhile. They live next door. They have a young man that has been staying with them and asked me if I had work for him. I always get the full name and check everyone out for criminal records before they can work. Well he didn't have a drivers license (he said he lost it), he didn't have a social security card (he lost that as well), he does not have transportation, and does not have a work history. He is thirty one! Well I did my research and pulled up a lengthy criminal record on this guy. Not good! When they asked me I expressed the fact that he has a record and I could not hire him, I advertise criminal background checked personel. I also made it clear that I knew he had a warrant out for failure to appear to keep any backlash from happening.
Now I listen alot but just don't comment. A rift has been brewing between the two neighbors and now all the sudden this happens. I am telling you my gut instinct knows that it is not kids.


Lucy said...

Just about time we got a face to fgo with your blog or wjhatever it is called. Going to see how many brain cells I have today.

Janie said...

My husband has finally gotten all the painting outside done. He hates to paint. lol I bet you are right about the guy next door. Hope they find who did it. Those are cute pictures of the animals. Janie

a corgi said...

I have to agree with you Kelly; seems like someone who might have a grudge; kids would do some things but I think they get blamed for a lot they don't do.

glad you check all people out


Lucy said...

Just a quick line. This is it. Lucy