Sunday, October 12, 2008

Making a difference

I feel rather cynical today, even though I usually stay upbeat most of the time. Summer is over cutting about 60% of our work. Even with new marketing ideas in place for winter work there is no denying that people are not going to have the money for extra services. Now with Lisa's company folding, the most likely thing to do is for me to go back to full time work in a restaurant to ensure that steady income. Her company has not closed all of the PA offices yet and I think we have figured out why. The credit freeze. Her company must have been borrowing large sums of credit to get through. So they have offered her maybe 4 days a week although the health insurance has not been ironed out yet. My how fast things can change. We know that the PA offices that are left open are only a matter of time.

We have had two unusual things happen in town. Giant grocery store was here but two small to contain the locals so they have just completed building a larger one. I wonder if it will survive. Second is a thirty five year old auto dealership has went out of business. They over extended themselves just the year before by purchasing more property and a huge amount of stock. The doors are closed as of last week. The picture is getting uglier every day and the elections are right down the road.

I have to say I have been watching a good bit of TV and I found it appalling the other day when I saw the show Paris Hilton's new best BFF. I think it was on VH1 or MTV. I actually watched three episodes before making my mind up that it was really pathetic. A select group of young women and a couple of guys vying to be her new best friend. Competing to win her approval. Do we really need this on TV for our kids to watch? Is this the example we want for our young generation? Who does Paris think she is too tell someone else if she approves of them or not?Her mother was even on one episode to help her make up her mind and give input. Do the Hilton's really need this money? The Hilton's need to do without and get back to real life and know that money will and can never buy everything in its truest form.

Then I watch Saturday night live with the comics ridiculing the presidential nominees. Yes I realize the world needs a little laughter but lets get down to the facts that something is wrong here. We ridicule, demean, and cut down people that are actually trying to make a difference in our country while buying products that support a foundation in which mean girls have be born from. Sorry Paris, but as far as I am concerned you need to wipe your own ass and kiss your own feet. As far as Palin goes well at least she is trying and has made a difference in the state of Alaska.

Now for Obama and McCain. Both seem like good men but I just don't get something. How can a man that is the product of a black father and a white mother raised in a white family say he is black? I really need this explained. I thought that he is considered bi-racial? Now I think that this sounds like an agenda on his part due to the fact that there is a large black vote out there just waiting for that first black president. That did not wash well especially after I saw that Biden is living in a multimillion dollar home. Good Grief! We really need to look at that. That has made me think twice on my vote and I am republican. The economy needs change, the Senate needs change, and America needs change! McCain has decent history but does he have what it takes. I don't think so. I think he is too old and not in good health which would leave Palin in charge. Not enough experience there.

Maybe we just need to get rid of all those senators and congressmen and women that got us here. Some are in there way to long and tie up passing legislature and good laws. They are making ENTIRELY TOO MUCH MONEY! We should question this and make them earn their living and maybe we could have a president that would be making the difference.


a corgi said...

lots of good words here; Kelly; lots to think about, I agree with pretty much everything you said; sorry though that you might have to go back to working where you might not want to be to get through these times, I'm with you about the politicians bad mouthing each other, etc. I can't wait for this election to be over

hugs to you and Lisa


Lucy said...

That is funny because I said the same thing as you. Obama is Bi-racial but I don't think he said that to get black votes. His wife is black. Why would a person say they are black when there are chants at Palins rally, terrorist, off with his head, hang him. I have notivced the whipping up of emotions since Palin went out on the trailk. She incites it. It may be her job to be negative but you do not here Biden incite a crowd like that. I will be suprised if Obama is not shot before his caMPAIGN is over. tHAT IS JUST MY OWN IDEA AND DO NOT EXPECT anyone to agree or disagree.

Janie said...

Things do not look good right now. My husband said that the company that he worked for barrowed money all the time for payroll. :( Times are hard right now. I usually don't talk about political subjects... but I could not imagaine Palin being V. President and President. I see her as another Bush doing what she wants to do. Sorry that I disagree with you, but we are all different. Hope you have a great week. Janie