Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is it the Moon?

I was watching him watch her. Her hair was whisking around her face with the slight breeze that was in the air. He was silent. Could he possibly see her that far away with his cataracts? The wind picked up and her dress flowed around her body slightly adjusting her hat.

His gaze became more intense and you could see his muscles tightening. Did he recognize her? I tried to contain myself and kept quite. That was asking alot. Her eyes were very large with a piercing stare. He moved forward small steps at a time.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and burst out in laughter. Chance (on of my clients dogs) has been fascinated by the neighbors Halloween witches display ever since she put it up yesterday. We have been through this scene at least 5 times.

It must be silly animal weekend.

Early this morning I guess I wasn't moving fast enough as my other clients corgi decided she wasn't getting enough attention and head butted me in the mouth. It has to be the cool weather because all of them are acting crazy.

Next stop is Whiskers the cat. I am giving her fresh water and food in the garage and she decides that she is going to try to stand on my back. Something she has never done. Well when that cold paw hit on a part of my back that was exposed I didn't know what it was. I reared up and forgot that a cabinet was over head and damn near knocked myself out. She just stood there purring away.

Came home and thought I would take a nice relaxing bubble bath. NOT! Abbey this foolish 3 year old that refuses to grow up must have remembered that I gave her a bath last week downstairs. Lisa lets her in from outside and she comes barreling through the house, up the steps, past the kitchen, down the hall, then into the tub in a single leap. She was soooo proud of herself! I of course was not a happy camper. This is when it turns into one of those "it's your dog things".

Try cleaning a litter box when the cat refuses to get off the top of it. I explained several times to her that I know that is her bathroom and believe me I really don't want to use it. Smokey must lay on top of the box and watch what I am doing. Good thing she is not really heavy.

Hmmm! I am rethinking this career change. Maybe its the moon!


Janie said...

LOL Too funny! Our horses go crazy with cool weather.. they call it here "feeling their oats" lol The kick, snort and run around. Hmmm that had to hurt your head. Might just be the moon. lol Janie

a corgi said...

could be; but I think the full moon was last weekend; I think its fall in there air; too funny!! hoping your lip is feeling better by now; you know how those corgis can be :)


Lucy said...

You do live an exciting life, my girl. Your pictures look really good when You click on them or if you don't, they still look good.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kelly. The grandaughter is in Texas so I can not seem to mget through to her. I think she is just so caught up in my space that she thinks I go there and have a ball and I hate it.

Lucy said...

Hi Kelly, I left all the gory details aBOUT MY VISIT to the therapist, on my wb page. I screwed up AND THERE IS A SPACE BEFOPRE THE ENTRY CONTINUES. I am not used to this yet. Thanks for the comments.