Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Master minds

Well I must truly tell you all that I am fed up with this program. I am not quite sure what it going on but I can not get anything to load correctly. It is either the carrier that we have or the computer security (I'm guessing?) that won't allow this. I just can not be this dumb. I have tried to load play list for about two weeks now only to keep getting messages that read broken gadget, failure or some shit like that. I've read so many I don't even know what they say anymore. So I put that aside for awhile and thought I'll try some of this other stuff. As Betty would say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Okay photo bucket slide show sounds good. Got everything set up in photo bucket and went to apply to gadget and a warning appears stating that this could cause computer to slow down and information may not be saved. What the hell? Yes I am sorry for cursing but these are just mild complaints that are leftover from my earlier rant. Could it be our Internet carrier? It is a small independent company, not AOL or Verizon. Could it be the security downloads we installed?

As I work my way through most of this I must tell you I do not really get what it means. What is a feed and what does it do? Some of programs have so much stuff it takes you an hour just to sort through it before you get started. UGGH! And all of the advertisement on these screens. I want plain and simple, cut to the chase, black or white, not all of this bullshit to sort through.

While doing this I had the phone ring 5 times. All of it was telemarketing except one. Number #1 Do I want to advertise for the business? I get about 4 of these a week. My new thing is when someone from their company signs on for a service then I will think about it. Number #2 New homeowner rates do you want to refinance? As bad as the economy is right now I just feel like selling! Number #3 My sister-wanting to let me know that she is donating her whole body to science. Okay! Your decision, I'm surprised she's not leaving it to the aliens. Number #4 Having a blowout sales event for Chevy. I may switch to Ford after that brake deal they put me through. Number #5 Advertising for the yellow pages two counties over. How much money do they think people have to advertise, but then again they should look on photo bucket, play list, and the list goes on. Who are the masterminds behind this blog?


Lucy said...

Kelly, I knmow exactly what you mean.. I get so frustrated. I am going to take time to read all the blogger tips. I have got pretty good at finding a lost post but I had one get away today and could not find it. It must have wound up in blogger hell. I love the pic of you and the 4 legged furry kids. Lucy

a corgi said...

Kelly; not sure if it is a server problem or what; I know I haven't done too much on my blog other than trying to add more than 2 pictures and had trouble with that. There are lots of people out there that have added music, play lists, animation, graphics, etc. I can send you some of their email addresses if you want me to; maybe they can talk you through the things you are looking to do on your journal.

it is so frustrating with phones, isn't it? we finally got caller ID this go around; I like that. I've eliminated answering lots of calls that way, the private caller one still gets me to answer it though and it is usually a salesperson, go figure

I had an aunt who donated her body to science; I think its a commendable thing to do

good picture with you and your animals :)

have a good day


Janie said...

Will email you how to load a songlist. lol Do you have caller ID? I use to ans. all the phone calls coming in here, but if it is important they can leave me a message and I will call back. 9 X out of 10 it is telemarketing. lol 3 to 4 rings and they hang up. Hope your day goes better... and yes, I have days like this too. hehe Janie

Jean said...

Hi Kelly, that happens to me when I get busy the phone rings. Your dogs are so pretty, Take care, jean