Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Exorcist

Okay my head is now spinning completely around after hours of trying to post my play list. Patience in not my strong point and foul obscenities are starting to flow more frequently. !!#%$$% I'm am done with this for now. Try not having alot of patience, but never wanting to give up on something. You think this is bad. The other night I put a movie in to watch and I tell you it is a nightmare. Three remote controls later, 4 screens later, and still not the right screen for the movie to come on. I fiddled with that thing for 20 minutes before I realized that a cable had come loose in the back, thanks to the cat! I yearn for simple times and simple machinery quite often. Then to beat all, you know how I just love this digital camera I have. Well I bought new batteries, put em in and guess what? Nothing! Now what! Jeez forgot to read the package where it says charge first. Now really who wants to charge something first before you can use it. That reminds me of when we were kids and would get some really neat toy for Christmas and guess what? It needed batteries! Mom and Dad forgot the batteries!

As for the squirrel saga, it still continues. The truth is a dogs nose doesn't lie! Rebecca's husband said it was gone but the dog said it was still there and I believed the dog. Today the note said the squirrel is now in the office room of the house. The doors were shut and a chair was in front of the door and I laughed. There is a six inch space between the floor and the bottom of the door. It is an old house. Abbey (one of my new clients) of course knows where it is and has left the wood stove alone and is now fixated on the door. I have a picture of her that I will try to post but at this rate who knows what will happen, it may wind up on someone else's blog. Ha Ha! Ladies get your holy water ready because I am about to spew when I attempt this one. Boy do I miss the Journals, it was simpler.

Maybe I am just edgy. Yesterday we went to Walmart to get a large order and stock up. Well we had two carts full and the doors on the truck open in an odd fashion. There was another truck parked rather close that I could not get the cart close to the truck with the door open. The owner of the truck was about to leave and getting in the truck. So I politely waited! He had a young girl about the age of 5 with him. He fiddled around and then I spoke and said that I would wait for him to move first before blocking his door. It took this man with one bag and a kid 15 minutes to get in the truck. I thought I was going to explode. My mother would have told me to get my ass in the car because someone was waiting. But No! I only had about $350.00 worth of groceries just sitting there because some little girl doesn't know what seat she wants to sit in. Do you call this parking lot rage? Now if it were my child I would've said you will sit here, people are waiting, now get in and buckle up thank you!

Okay I don't have children but since when do the kids decide to tell the adults what they want, when they want it, how much they want, and how much to pay for it? Did I miss something? Who are the adults here? Now I know this sounds terrible but I truly feel that children are catered to too much. They are loosing the value and respect system. Sorry but there are lines and it isn't suppose to stop at the house. My neighbor is a teacher and you should hear the stories she tells us. I feel sorry for her. She doesn't think she wants to have children now. Sometimes I wonder if things have changed that much or if I am just getting cranky. Back to more computer work and I am sure another episode of the Exorcist.


Janie said...

Hmmm all that sounds familiar!! hehehe At one time I thought one of my cats was going to be the death of me! Crazy cat! So spoiled! She had been my grand-daughter's cat. lol When my kids were little I couldn't afford batteries all the time. Oh gee! That is too funny! Do they live in a manufactured home; there are spaces under the doors?? Hard telling where it is. hehehe Hope you got the directions for the playlist. I kept the directions incase someone else wants it. ha You are the 2nd one I have told. Have a good week. Trial and error is the best way to learn on the blog. Janie

a corgi said...

oh my with that little girl! you wonder how she'll be in a few years!!


Janie said...
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Janie said...

Go to your playlist. Make sure you saved it. After you save it you can click the link that says rearrange. Very easy to move where you want your songs. It will have arrow up and arrow down on the left side. Click if you want up or down. Then click save. It will tell you that it has been saved.

You are going to have to look very close to find these links. Trail and error is how you will do it. lol

Click the link that says download to my space, blog, or web page.
Click where it says get the file.
It will be written in hotmail (hot mail is written very different) lol
When you see file inside a box
Put your cruiser (mouse) line at the beginning of the file
Click at the top of your Internet page: Edit, then Select all
Click at the top of your Internet page: Edit, then Copy
Leave page open and go to your journal. SIGN IN TO YOUR JOURNAL
At the right hand side at the top is will say CUSTIMIZE... Click it.
A page will come up and you will see the layout of your journal.
It will be a big box with other boxes inside it.
Click Gadget.... a different page will pop up and give you different items to put on your journal.
Click the + where it says add playlist to your page.
Another page will pop up.
Give your playlist a name on the Title or name of songlist
After that In the large square space.... put cruiser on the beginning inside the box and right click and choose paste OR put cruiser inside big box... then click Edit left side of tool bar and say paste (easier but sometimes it will not give me the option to paste.
Then click save. There should be a link there to view where it went on your journal.
If it is not where you want it on your journal, you can put it where ever you want it on your journal. It should be in one of the little squares and say Playlist.
To move where you want it: Put mouse on the playlist square... left click and continue to press left side of mouse and you can move it up and down to where you want it.
I put mine at the top of my journal so they can stop the song if they don't like it. Sometimes the playlist is at the bottom of the page and I didn't want anyone to have to scroll to the end of my journal just to stop the playlist. I looked at your journal just now and your play list will be on the left side. Good luck.

Janie said...

That one deleted comment was me! lol I did not have the instructions written correct. Had to change it. Just copied and paste from my email. Good luck. Janie

Lucy said...

Hey there young un (I can say that cause I am older than dirt)patience my dear. You just do not know how mmany times I have been ready to smash this computer. I get to go get my brain scanned next Tuesday morning. I do hope all they find is brain cells and lots of them. Calm, cool, think all good things. Lucy

Claudia's thoughts said...

I read your posting about your parking lot incident. My daughter, now 26, said she thinks she miss her rights as a kid, because I would have told her there were 2 seats and get in there. She wants to know when that happened??
I get 30 minutes for lunch. The hospital cafeteria opens at 11:00, when I get there there will be visitors and volunteers. They all gaze longingly at the menu, hold round top discussions on what to buy and then consult the person the are with what do they think. I am thinking that they should have limited hours for visitors, and how my only 30 minutes is now down to 15 and I still did not get my order. I now take my lunch 99% of the time because I would be arrested for homocide if I didn't.