Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wow! Now things have hit home full force with the economy. Lisa worked as a MRI Technologist for a large company called National Medical Imaging. She has been with them for six years and last night received a phone call from her supervisor saying that the company has closed. No forewarning, no severance, nothing. They just let everyone continue to think they had job security and after everyone had completed their full day of work and went home, the company changed all the locks and shut down.

National Medical Imaging LLC expands throughout three states encompassing PA, MD, and IL, with many locations. There are still many employees that are not aware that they have no job and will report Monday as usual to locked doors. Can you believe that? What ever happened to ethics? You are expected to have them when applying for and holding a job, and usually your employer wants anywhere from two weeks notice to almost a month when you are quitting. But where is the employers ethics?

To not forewarn your employees that they may not have a job and to close the doors without them knowing is borderline criminal and pathetic. I must commend Lisa's supervisor on having the balls to go against company policy to call her technologist's and give them the news. What does she have to loose, she doesn't have a job either. This is just another example of banks over extending credit and loans to high profile companies that are in distress. Now that the banks are hurting we are witnessing the ripple effect that is plaguing are economy and leaving thousands job less.

We, like thousands of others will have to tighten our belts, cut back on things, pull up our boot straps and forge on. Whatever it takes. Most of the companies employees are in shock and the money is not the only issue. Many of them carried family health insurance polices that they will no longer have or be able to pay out of their pocket for. No health insurance, no life insurance, hefty mortgages, car payments, credit debit, and no job. National Medical Imaging has left many of its dedicated, hardworking, professional employees in the dirt with nothing to brush themselves off with.

I have just had it with this economy and am ready to move on. I mean literally move. When you live in small rural towns and travel to work it puts more of a strain on finances as everyone well knows. Gas prices are coming down but we are traveling further and further. Electric utilities are going up and up so maybe its time for a warmer climate. I really don't think stability is going to find us we need to find it.


Lucy said...

Wow, I wondered who that I knew would be affected by the economy!! I was hopeing no one. Kelly I can not believe you did not watch the debate. I nearly got booted off AOL because I commented the way someone didn't like . Still here but she said she reported me.

Janie said...

What you are seeing is what Gore talked about 8 years ago. :( He said in another 12 years there will not be any social security. It is called "Bushanomics" lol Sure hope things get better soon. Janie

a corgi said...

that is awful news Kelly; I'm so sorry for Lisa and you; I think the way they did it was so "chicken" of them too; geesh!!! I know we will rebound; I just don't know when we will and at what cost


Claudia's thoughts said...

The can give all the classes in college they want but there is no such thing as business ethics. It is a GREED. I just read yesterday that the insurance Co. (AIG I think) were spending lavish amounts of money after they received $85 billion bail out from WE THE PEOPLE. It makes my blood boil.