Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crazy bird dog

Things were winding down this weekend as far as my clients go. I still needed to pet sit a new clients springer spaniel until next weekend. She has been a really sweet dog and fun to watch. So I was in the middle of planting some new trees (Leeland cypress) and realized it was time to go and take care of the dog (her name is Abby also).

Pulled up in front of the house and I could hear Abby barking before I even got out of the truck. I knew something was wrong! I opened the door and she came streaking through the hallway like a bolt of lightening and then back to the kitchen. I headed to the kitchen to find her, with her nose poked inside the old timey wood stove. She is going nuts. Okay so I'm thinking it's probably a mouse or a bird.

Go to take her outside and then the next thing I know here comes this huge German Shepard through the doggie door (it's a big door). Now I'm thinking where in the hell did he come from and is he friendly. I just kind of stood there for awhile letting him sniff me and he seemed fine. The more I looked at him I realized that he was really old. Probably so old that he would be to tired to bite anybody. Abby didn't seem to mind him so I just left him alone. Walked outside and asked the neighbor if he had ever seen the German Sheppard before and he said yes a few times but wasn't sure who's do it was. This visit was getting crazier by the minute.

Abby was so worked up she had knocked her water bowl over and water was everywhere. She was racing through the house to the outside and back to the wood stove. First I cleaned up the water, then I put both dogs in the hallway and locked the doors. Then I got a flashlight and peered in the wood stove. I saw nothing. So I inched in closer and a big squirrel jumped toward my face. I thought I was going to knock the table over getting away from it. Then I thought it could be rabid-now what! So I put the dogs outside, grabbed a broom and a blanket opened the front door and tried to get the squirrel out. This thing was not coming out and just went deeper into the belly of the wood stove. I realized then how crazy all this was and that it was going to be someone else's problem. I am not a squirrel hunter.

I decided to close up the stove, tied the blanket around the stove and put chairs in front of it. I let Abbey back in to eat and the next thing I know she is on top of the chair with her metal tag holder caught on the chair. What was going to be next? I called the clients daughter (she was staying there at night) and gave her the good news that she would be squirrel hunting when she got off from work. I closed the doors and put the German Sheppard outside with Abbey that crazy bird dog.


Lucy said...

That is great!! As long as it is not me, in your shoes. I needed the laugh I got. Great story.

a corgi said...

my gosh! I would have been in such a panic with what to do; I would have probably called animal control or something; I think you handled it just great Kelly!

how long did it take for you to breathe normally again after it though?


Janie said...

LOL Oh good grief! I would have died of shock when that squirrel jumped out the stove! hehehe Sorry I am laughing, seeing it in my mind. lol NO squirrels do not carry rabbies. lol True, they don't. lol Wow! Dogs can really be crazy at times. I would have done the same thing you did. Wellll I hope tomorrow gets better. lol Janie