Saturday, November 15, 2008

Case of the bubblies

Passed the house with the dog kennel yesterday and came up with a plan. My sister is coming up soon and her and I are going to park our vehicle and walk down close to the water where the kennel is to try to get the pictures. Once we have them then I am going to try some of every ones suggestions. I am definitely going to post on the web to get some response.

Yesterday was just a plain rainy and ugly day. So we passed some time away playing pool. It had been awhile since we played. Well one game turned into seventeen. We can become quite competitive sometimes.

I had been trying to get rid of a headache all day. I will admit that I am an addict! Yes I have an addiction and it is Coke. No not that the soda! I have been drinking coke since I can remember. I think I must have drank coke instead of milk as a baby.

Seriously I hate water and really don't drink much else but soda. After this past summer with all the problems I have been having with my stomach I have decided to try to follow the doctors orders and not drink carbonated beverages and definitely no coke. Damn ! I have had a headache that you wouldn't believe, laid down last night to get relief and woke up twelve hours later-good grief. I guess from caffeine withdrawal, but let me tell you after four days my stomach is already feeling 50% better. I can't decide what I miss most all the bubbles or the caffeine. So now it is onto punch, koolaid, iced tea, and yuck the dreaded water. I think I am a CO2 freak that just loves the fizzes. Prefer beer over wine but like champagne and Spumante. I have a serious case of the bubblies.


a corgi said...

good idea Kelly to have your sister help you with the dog kennel; safety in numbers I think!

I think pool is a fun game to play; don't play it that often but when I do, we always seem to have a good time with it (mainly because I laugh so much at how bad I am playing it :)

poor you with the caffeine headache! when I've given caffeine up before (but always seem to go back to it) I always taper it to avoid the headache; you were brave to go "cold turkey" with it

have a good Sunday :)


Lucy said...

I have never been a big coffee drinker or much of any drinker, except when we were much younger and used to bar hop a little then only Sat. nites. Days long gone but I have learned to drink water. Always have water beside me. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I did go to Earl May Thurs. and got a violet. Lucy

Lori said...

I hope you're over your caffeine withdrawal. I prefer Pepsi, and I drink way too much of it, but I do like my water every day.