Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well it is midnight and everyone is tucked in and awaiting the big feast. Me, I am of course wondering what I ate that gave me heartburn! It is all of that taste testing to get it right, but I am ready.

This year seems to be a bit laid back. Most of my family is like that anyway which is why we don't have those anxiety ridden holidays like some. I don't really care if your late for dinner, we have a microwave. Dinner may run a little late, but hey there is plenty of snacks to cure your starvation. We just roll with the punches. The best part of Thanksgiving and the other holidays are the laughs you get to share and you know me I love a good laugh!

We were reminiscing and my sister had brought up the time her boyfriend came to our house the first time for Christmas. We had several appetizers and one of them was meatballs. It was like a scene from one of those date movies: He is in the middle of a conversation and feels somewhat put on the spot like his every move is being scrutinized and then the meatball falls off the plate onto the floor. Oh no! It travels what seems like a mile across the beige carpet leaving a trail of the brightest red sauce on the way. Who would think a meatball could travel that far from a slight tip of the plate. Shit this is not happening to me! The look on that poor guys face was precious!

We were discussing how things have changed over the years when it comes to holidays and families. More and more people are having to work the holidays which makes things a tad more hectic for them. This is why I think the world is spinning too fast. Do we really need McDonalds to be open for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do we really need 98 percent of all retail stores open on these days. I am sure that these employees would love to have the day off to spend with their loved ones and celebrate. Come on let's get back to the basics and celebrate what you need to be thankful for- family, good health, and good friends. So to all of you bloggers out there Happy Thanksgiving!


Lucy said...

I know you will have a very wonderful HAPPY THANKSGIVING. lucy

a corgi said...

I'm so with you, Kelly; I think the country (and stores) should stop for one day and just give thanks and not worry about the "mighty dollar"

loved the story about the meatball :)

may you and Lisa have a Happy Thanksgiving (as well as whoever else will be celebrating with you :)


Lucy said...

Sounds like you did good Chef Kelly. We had a VERY GOOD DINNER AND STUFFED MYSELF LIKE THE GOOse WE HAD YEARS ago. Lucy Who got mthe meatball first??

Lucy said...

I am not sure exactly what is going on with Janie. I did get a short email saying she was super busy, and not reading or commenting Much. Lucy.

Lucy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Did you ever hear from Janie? Back to the old grind, huh. Joes sister called from Maryland and she said it was raining.