Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it was priceless

Thought I would share some fall colors around the house. I love this time of the year with all the color. Although, this weather makes me hungry. Made some fresh herb pizza dough then topped it off with mozzarella, Parmesan, bacon, and onion. It was really good. I did notice that the dough is not as fresh and airy the next day. Last night we had corned beef and cabbage with baby red potatoes. Today it is gonna be beef stew. We tried a new veggie sandwich on grilled panni bread. Red roasted peppers, Muenster cheese, grilled onion, mushroom, and zucchini. It was excellent! It's time to loose 5 pounds. Last year I dropped to what is suppose to be the ideal weight for my height which was 116. I can tell you that as you get older this is not a good thing. That's when I started getting really severe tendinitis and started to feel weak. The clothes fit great but when you reach a certain age weight loss does not look healthy and you don't feel physically strong. You also loose muscle mass. I equate this with the way boxers move up a weight class because of the stamina and strength. I have found that the ideal weight varies by age also. Mine seems to be 124. What a difference these pounds make. If you watch dancing with the stars you know that Susan Lucci is competing. She looks good but is a bit too frail and if you notice she does not have much strength. She does not have the muscle mass to compensate for the lack of weight. So the thought is to start now, loose about 5 or 6 pounds to make sure I leave room for all of the holiday treats.
Lisa went on a interview yesterday. Lisa has only had three jobs after she graduated. Wished I could say that! Lisa's sister and I could be interview experts. I warned her some of the interviews can be long and brutal. I wanted to laugh when she came home and was beside herself with all of the questions that were asked. Seven other people are applying for that same position and most will have to go back for a second interview. She goes for her other interview next week and we are keeping are fingers crossed. My second interview is tomorrow with the same company. My decision is I want what I am worth. I finished the business books last night to give me a better prospective on things and business has been good. All repeat customers, so now I need to concentrate on growing the operation. So I don't think I should settle for less. I have what it takes and what they need but I want top dollar. Scary!
I think our neighbor (the one that was robbed) has moved on, I have not seen any activity for weeks. I'm waiting for Barb (the owner) to come up so I can ask her. This is probably a really good thing. When we first purchased here we were under the impression that the homes in the community were owner occupied, but learned that there is a small percentage that are not. This can create some issues.
Went to Walmart yesterday and they had loads of Christmas stuff out. You know it is really not that far off. They had so much really cool stuff and I love looking at it all. I just get this surge of excitement and warm feeling when the season rolls around. I drive Lisa nuts because I start playing Christmas music so early.
My sister came for a brief visit awhile back. I noticed as we get older we do really get set in our ways. She is just plain noisy! She gets up early (she has insomnia) and starts digging around for a coffee cup slamming the cabinet doors, rattling around in the silverware drawer. I have never heard someone so noisy, and she burps. Yes, I said she burps. Really loud. In fact we all have burping issues. I think it is our soda consumption. My whole family is hooked on soda. When my sister visits it is nothing for her and I to go through a 12 pack a day. She could blow a match out from 50 feet. Well I kinda got away from what I was talking about. I keep the sugar, flour, and stuff in canisters. I was sitting at the table when she was making her coffee and I saw her put heaping teaspoons of kosher salt in her coffee thinking it was sugar. Yes, I had that evil anticipated wait of the reaction to come, of course I wasn't going to tell her. She lifted the cup to her mouth and took a big swig of that coffee. Her eyes widened, her lips tensed, and at this time I thought she was going to spew coffee all over the kitchen. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to fall off the chair. She grimaced and took a deep gulp cringing as it reached her stomach. She gripped the end of the counter, roller her head around, which of course made me laugh harder and proceed to call me a $#@#%%. It was priceless.


Lucy said...

To funny!! You are a pain in the rear still teasing your sister like that. Give the Palin button to her as a gift from me. Lol

a corgi said...

oh how funny with your sister!!! good luck to you and Lisa for your second interviews! I thought the pictures of the trees were pretty!!!

all that food you made sounds delicious; how do you make your corned beef and cabbage? we never seem to have much success when we make it (usually around St. Patrick's Day)

I always say every year I'm going to play more Christmas music and I never do; good for you for getting into the spirit of it early and liking to play the music a lot :)


Janie said...

That is really pretty where that bench is. I love cabbage!... but you can keep the corned beef. lol I could eat a whole head of cabbage by myself. lol I am 5 foot 1 and weigh 121 pounds!! I have a large frame to be so short. I have almost all of my shopping done. I start when things go on sale after Chrismas. I wish I had some where to put the stuff! It is in a huge bag in my extra bedroom! Think I will start wrapping it up near Thanksgiving and tell them they can take gifts home with them. lol Have a wonderful week. Janie