Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential Blues

It's over! Okay now we have to accept what we have been dealt. This good turn out to be a good thing, so I keep my hopes up because I think we need change also.

I am however not going to let this off the hook so easily. I did some research this morning to see the results of Maryland's individual counties. I knew that we lived in a red county. Oh my! I was quite shocked when I realized that more of the counties had voted Republican. Maryland has always been known to be a democratic state. It had been won by Obama as a democratic state. This puzzled me as I usually just accepted these facts in the past without question.

With more research I have found that of course our largest city and poorest counties voted democratic. Add up the number of people in these areas and that gives you the answer. Then I took the time to go over some of Baltimore City's election questions. Money needed for the library's, the opera house, the museum, and much more. These properties are declining because of the areas they are located in. Baltimore has become a very violent and unsafe city. People are leery to go to these attractions due to the crime level. We have had more police chiefs in 4 years than Paris Hilton has changed her shoes.

So I see now where the democratic vote comes from that makes up the electoral vote. This is putting voters off when they know that people that have never voted before signed up this year. No wonder the politicians attack these large cities to get the vote when it makes such a difference. When you have large apathetic communities ridden with crime, drugs, and corruption they want change. Unfortunately their ideal of change is to throw government money at this problem and I for one am tired of my tax money going towards this. So now the majority has had there say and let's hope they have made the right decision. Get ready for taxes to go up.
Maybe it's time to move to a red state to get rid of these presidential blues.

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a corgi said...

(((Kelly))) its going to be okay; we will just wait and see what our new president-elect does; like you said, it could be a good thing (he was not my choice)

interesting statistics you dug up. I was real surprised to see that Montana, usually a red state, went blue this time. I didn't expect anything different than what California did; they are sooo liberal and sooo blue, LOL