Thursday, November 13, 2008

maggie and ten things most people don't know about me

"Wait don't change that channel animal planet is just starting"

"Where's the Popcorn"

Okay I yesterday I went out with a friend for shopping and lunch. We've been friends for a long time and a couple things came up that she said she never knew about me. Then I read Betty's page.

#1 When I was 21 I thought I wanted to be a police officer and went through the intial phase of application

#2 I hate to give speeches to large groups

#3 I get anxiety when I go to the dentist

#4 I was engaged to be married

#5 I know more than I project

#6 I was a carpenter for many years

#7 I have a worm phobia

#8 I have a sixth sense

#9 I am vain

#10 I have really small feet and it is hard to find shoes sometimes


Lucy said...

Really not many things suprised me about you except being a carpenter. You are a very unpredictable lady. Lucy

a corgi said...

all interesting things to learn about you; funny how we think our friends know us so well but we have a few things tucked away we haven't shared; glad you had a chance to have lunch with a friend; I loved the Maggie picture and comments

I'm with you; I hate public speaking; thankfully I rarely have to do it


Janie said...

lol Are you happy that you did not become a police officer? lol I HATE to go to the dentist!! lol I have never had a dentist office take my blood pressure until a month ago. lol She asked if I had high blood pressure. It was 179 !! The dentist walked in and asked if I had "White Coat Syndrome". I guess there is such a thing... and I must have it!!! lol Thanks for sharing. Sure hope you can find a good pair of shoes the next time you go shopping. lol Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

I think Hillary would make a great person in that position. She could help Obama I think more than any one else. I hope she takes it. It would be even more challenging than being vice president, I think.