Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ranting and feeling opinionated

Okay I just can't take it anymore.

I am going to refuse to watch the news for awhile. Why? Due to the following.

Obama has a Aunt that is an illegal immigrant living in public housing in Boston!
I am sorry but I find this distasteful! We have many American citizens that need housing that have been paying their taxes for years and they can't get it. We have people from hurricanes that need housing and they are still living in trailers, but Obama illegal relative is living in public housing. What is wrong with this picture?

I go for an interview and I need to have references, good credit, I get background checked and you would think I would be making six figures with the interviewing process ( I wished). However we can have the Senator from Alaska committing fraud and guess what? He can actually run for the same political office! That's just insane!

I watched 20/20 and always wondered about our voting machines. The program director sat right there on national television and stated that we spent something like 20 billion dollars of tax payers money for election machines that they did not know if they would work or not. The money was distributed to individual states even before the machines were built. Purely idiotic! He was appalled and resigned.

Palins wardrobe, Palins kids, blah blah. I agree with Palin. There is a set of double standards that we as a nation hold women accountable for. Did we asked any of the other presidential candidates in the past years how much they spent on their wardrobe? Do we not criticize women in the media if they are not up to Hollywood standards, sure we do. Do we asked the men how will they juggle family life? Of course not! This is 2008 not the 1800's.

The Phillie's win the World Series and the fans are destroying the front's of stores and defacing property. What the hell? I think these people would be really surprised if they went home and their house had the windows busted out or their cars had flat tires and paint across the sides. What are people thinking? Why is this stuff tolerated? Give'em some serious jail time and this will stop.

This stuff just drives me crazy.

On a good note we went to a nursery Halloween party on Wednesday. Boy was it cold! It was worth it though. The green houses were turned into decorated dining areas with a doo wop band performing in the front. They did have heaters and lit chimneas which made it cozy. Plenty of beer and wine but they ran short of food. This was a good way to interact with other landscapers and get some fresh ideal's. Last night we really didn't have many trick or treaters so I guess I'll be eating all the candy-oh just twist my arm.

We both got job interviews. I had mine yesterday as a Sous Chef at a Resort/Conference Center. I go back for the second interview next week. I don't know why but in this business they normally interview twice. Lisa has hers next week and things seemed to be looking up. She has applied for a cardiac cath tech at one of the hospitals and the director is the one who trained her many years ago. Funny how you run into people.

I am still not sure what to do. Business is still coming in just not as strong as the summer months. This position that I applied for offers good money but it is salary which means less time for business. I don't want my customer service to slide backwards. I am grateful for the opportunity but I struggle with making this decision.

This morning we had a large hauling job which took three truckloads of household stuff to the dump. I could not believe what this woman threw away. Lamps, suitcases, perfectly good stuff, shoes, pictures, tools, printer, and a 24 ft extension ladder that was almost new. I sold the ladder right away to someone else for $50.00. Steve took most of this stuff up to an auction house. She just got divorced and didn't want certain stuff. She didn't even want to have a yard sale.

Betty, I hope you read this. People will always disagree with the things others say. I don't deliberately try to offend someone, but they might not agree to what I say and take offense to it. I don't write for others I do it for myself and say what I want. If they don't like it I suggest to them not to read it. I did read about your grocery store incident about the Bible. I personally think that people have lost integrity. I think however that you probably really put him on the spot and he may think twice about doing that or he may pick up the Bible and actually read it. So you probably did accomplish something without knowing.

Most companies have put their mowers in storage. Not us! We mowed two lawns the other day and I will tell you it was cold. I said I didn't care, if they want lawns mowed in December we would do it. Machines don't earn money sitting in storage.

We had a group of wild turkeys out today in the neighborhood and of course I didn't have my camera. There is about 14 of them that travel around this time of year. They better hide soon with the economy being bad they might end up on someone's table. I know it is alot of ranting but I get these days when it all comes out.


a corgi said...

thanks Kelly for what you said; I totally agree with what you said (did I tell you I started a new one already? I can't remember who I told and who I didn't)

totally agree with you about the news; I leave it on as background noise sometimes; I try not to get too upset about things, but it is hard not to

I agree with you about keeping the mowers out if you can; I know in Montana people don't mow between November and April (wonder why, LOL) but if you are in a place where it could seasonally be nice, it could be a good benefit to have your mowers available if someone needs the service

good luck to both you and Lisa for your upcoming job interviews; such a toughie trying to decide what to do about your one (personally, if Lisa gets hers and you guys can swing it with the incomes generated between your present work and her new work, that's what I'd do and not go back to cooking, however,I know you'll both make the best decision for you guys, but I just know you do great customer service and that's what people are looking for these days)


Lucy said...

Thanks for the comment Kelly,I do understand where you are comming from, BUT there is one thing no one will ever be able to control. They could be the most on top of things president there is but someone will always be working the system. Same with the voting system. Those pictures were taken a few months back, I just like to think of anything but snow. Lucy

Lucy said...

Kelly, I was not being critical of you . I was just expressing my opinion. Maybe I have became cynical after all these years but please don't think that I was singling you out. I admire and respect you and Lisa. You are the hardest workers and I pictured you as a big gal doing all those repairs and here you come up with this petite girl in your picture.

Jean said...

We vote here this coming Tuesday I noticed in some states people have already voted. I wished it was like that here. In this small town I'm sure we want have to stand in line long. Lol. Hope things works out good for you and Lisa.
I love the out doors and mowing sounds like a great job maybe you want have to give it up. Take care, jean

Janie said...

LOL I am part Native American. Hard telling how I am related too. I remember my grandma's brother who everyone did not want to claim relation too. hehe He was silly, lazy, and on welfare. Hope people judge me for who I am not by who I am related to. lol Did I ever tell you that I am part HEATHER?? hehehe We only have 2 choices to vote this year!! lol Hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings, Janie

Lucy said...

Please Kelly I will do anything, even vote the wrong party but no Palin button.!!!!

Lucy said...

Thank you for your support in my quest not to break any bones. I think we all know that whoever is elected, is going to have so many problems right up front, it makes you wonder when things will start looking up. Lucy