Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Obama's

Well I watched the interview on 60 minutes. Yes, the republican that I am watched with an open mind and was very much impressed and at ease with our new president elect and first lady. He did not falter, hesitate, or even have to think much before answering the onslaught of questions that were fired. I feel that we are in good hands and that the people have made a good choice to move us forward and out of this mess. I truly feel sorry for the man to have such a burden going into the presidency. I am also impressed with his wife Michele as the First Lady. She seems to have her own agenda, independence, and thoughts that she brings across in a positive and comfortable way in which you can identify with. I don't think that we have seen a first lady with such independent strength before. Most seemed to be what I consider as "arm trophies" to put it nicely. She will make a difference in her own way. I hope that the term treats them well and that they remain what appears to be truly connected with hope and dignity.

Faltering banks, automobile makers, mortgage crisis, the war, recession, ungodly deficit, and ragging unemployment. Now if that doesn't give them gray hair in one term then the man is ready to rule the planet. Good luck to the Obama's!


a corgi said...

I didn't catch 60 minutes; I've just seen bits and pieces of the interview on other shows

they are in my daily prayers; it will be a struggle for anyone who would take over the presidency to get our country going again

take care of yourself Kelly


Lucy said...

I caught most of it and thought it was a show of confidence and made me feel everything would be ok. Lucy

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Came by courtesy of Lori. I have been a life long republican, but saw something in Obama that I liked. So I voted for him. Glad that you are keeping an open mind and that you were able to see his good qualities :o)