Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How do you fix this?

For many months now I have passed a house that has several German Sheppard dogs that are in rough looking kennels. I always feel bad for the dogs but have not been able to determine how many they actually have. Then one day on the main road I saw a sign that said German Sheppard puppies $400.00 and I knew where they were coming from.

As I said before if you wait long enough you find things out from all the talk that circulates through the neighborhood. These people were breeding dogs.

Well this just ticks me off to no end due to the conditions these dogs are living. Yes they have food, yes they have shelter, but it is primitive. Good dogs don't come from wanna be breeders that know nothing of bloodlines, the proper testing or care of dogs. These people are just trying to make money off of these poor animals.

As I pass I try to check the conditions. The dogs are kept on very large stone. Can you imagine laying on that all day. Imagine laying on stone for months.

Finally I had enough and called the SPCA. They referred me to the planning and zoning department of the county first to see if they were licensed to run a kennel. Called planning and zoning they don't have those actual records I have to call the county treasures department. Called the treasurers department and yes they were licensed to run this kennel. They have seven full grown dogs that are licensed and planning and zoning approved this. They said to call back planning and zoning to complain which in turn they would call the SPCA. Planning and zoning said they only license the dogs that I would have to call the health department about the conditions. Hmmmmm! I am at the end of my patience here!

First I want to take pictures. How can county government approve such a primitive site to breed animals and license this. Myself and many others have adopted our dogs from the SPCA. Why are they there? Because of places like this!

Who wants to pay $400.00 for a dog that has never seen the inside of a house? That has not been socialized? That has not had the proper care?

I thought there were laws to protect animals. I thought the county and the SPCA would have some system set up that prevented breeding farms like this. They have 5 puppies that have not been sold and they look like they are about 6 months old. What will happen if they don't sell these puppies?

I am so angry with this situation. Poor breeding gives certain breeds a bad name. Poor breeding creates unwanted, unhealthy, dogs with poor dispositions. How do we end this?

I don't know where to start from here. I thought about taking pictures and sending them to our local government officials first, then the newspaper. How do you fix this?


Lori said...

I wish I knew the answer. Can you take pictures without getting into any trouble? If so I'd start there. Writing to the paper and to your local city or county officials, like your mayor, your district representative (alderman or council member), or perhaps consulting your county attorney are other options. They may be able to tell you how to proceed.

Janie said...

Hmmmm I found out a lot of information on line about the taxes on my manufactured home. Did not do any good because the county did what the wanted to do. :) Surely when they sell dogs there is some kind of inspection. Hmmm I bet if you contact someone that is with protection for animals. The people who give their time free. Organizations for abused animals. I think they would be more willing to help than anyone and tell you who and how to contact someone. I had a dog that they lady never petted thinking that she was allowing the dog to become attached to the next owners. She was a very mess! Never stayed in the yard and one day she was letting me know that she was leaving! Would not come to me.. just kept heading north like she was running away! She tore up everything. She was beautiful. She is the one my neighbor shot.. long story. Always dead deer for my dogs to feast on in the south field. He hung 2 deer in his front yard and then shot her when she came to investigate the deer. I play dirty! Game warden gave him a $350 fine for no tag for deer in the south field. Should have been fined for poaching.. full body buck with antlers sawed off!! Hope you can find something on line. Janie

a corgi said...

Oh Kelly what a sad situation! those poor dogs :(

I think I'd do what Lori and Janie said, they gave great advice!

let us know what happens


Lucy said...

I would definately get pictures. And then follow through with what Janie said. That sounds like it might work. I can not stand to see animals abused. Maybe you could pretend that you are looking for a dog and see up close what they really look like. Maybe look at their so called shelter and see if their is straw in the shelters., how clean it is. Take Lisa with you as a witness. If I were there that is exactly what I would do. Lucy