Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Re entering the workforce is like a chess match. You anticipate what moves will be made to get that checkmate.
Well I was offered the job but at $2,000.00 less. I was kind of put out and offended. To them it is not that much, to me it is principal not money.
I had listened for two visits that totaled 2 1/2 hours of what they wanted and needed. I must work all holidays, work weekends, work swing shifts, supervise, lift morale, teach and instruct, and whatever comes my way.
My stipulation was salary. I don't like the game! I like straight forward this is what I want and mean it. I don't barter with life! Getting what you want is a must for you when you walk in the door, because with most companies raises can take awhile or there are none in times like these. You only get what you pay for! So I declined the position. I look at these things like they are either meant to be or not.
Sound kind of cranky don't I? I am today. I'll just give Lisa forty lashes and feel better! HaHa.
Watch out because the next entry gets worse, frustration beyond belief.
Lisa goes for hers today maybe she will have better luck and get a checkmate!


Lucy said...

Oh wow, Kelly, I think I would not have been as adventursome as you with the job market as it is, but I am hopeing the best will come out of it for you.

a corgi said...

I don't blame you for not taking it Kelly; you know what you are worth and I wouldn't settle for anything less than that number that you have in mind; sad they didn't see that potential of what you could offer in experience and be willing to give you the salary you deserve